Apollo Shower Panels – Leading Brand That Helps to Organize a Free Space of Bathroom

New York, USA – Shower panels entered the market not so long ago. They became classics of bathroom equipment very quickly. Bathtubs and shower boxes were mostly used in all apartments and houses few decades ago. During those times only bathtubs were used to carry out hygiene procedures. But today the situation has significantly changed.

At first, shower boxes appeared only in glossy designer magazine pages and in movies. Later, trendy hotels, beauty salons and fitness centers also equipped their bathrooms with special boxes. So the visitors could use and try them. In those not so distant days, only truly wealthy people could afford to install a shower box in their own bathroom, because the cost of such European products was quite high. Today everything changed – bathroom supply stores present such a wide selection that it seems that everyone can find their own choice among many options.

Affordable European shower boxes, characterized by attractive design and advanced functionality, have allowed everyone to indulge in daily showering in their own comfortable box. Over the past few years, we have tried all the best functions of shower boxes: full relaxation at the same time taking shower, listening to music and enjoying another session of hydromassage. What else does a costumer need? But manufacturers don’t stop here. In a hurry to surprise consumers with other new products they invented shower panels.


First of all, it is quite essential to ask the question why shower panels are needed. If a full-fledged shower cabin is already installed in the bathroom, then there is no need to talk about the panel – in principle, a shower box and a panel are very similar in their functions. But if the equipment in the bathroom is limited only to the bath, a modern shower panel can come in handy.

Shower panels are almost indispensable equipment if the owners of an apartment or house plan to equip the cabin with their own ideas. By the way, many people today refuse to buy an already assembled box in favor of this customizable alternative. A free space in our bathrooms is always very limited. It sometimes comes to the point that it is not possible to find a place here even for a very compact cabin measuring 40×40 inches. In this case, the shower panel comes to the rescue.

In order to equip a place for a shower in the bathroom, you need very little space. By the way, a huge amount of time and effort is also not required for this. It is enough to install a pallet of a suitable size or arrange a drain in the floor, and then limit the space to a wall or shower curtains (for example, glass or plastic). By hanging a shower panel on one of the inner walls, you will turn this enclosed part of the room into a convenient and functional shower cabin.

One of the widest selections of shower panels is presented in New Bathroom Style, bathroom supply store in Brooklyn. And we are pleased to present you the most popular brand – APOLLO shower panels. There you can find everything you need in a single piece: LED lights on top and diverters, easy control of rain/waterfall showerhead, flexible hand shower jets, hand spray with 4 functions, 3 body jets, easy installation. Come to the showroom or buy online – our managers will help you to make a proper choice.

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