Light Video Released: Focusing on Video and Game

The initial intention to design Light Video is to bring users more happiness. Light Video focuses on video-watching and game-playing, and tries to make everything simpler and more convenient. 

Playing games with friends, users can enjoy infinite happiness.

On a weekend, users can invite some friends, and paly their favorite game with Light Video. Wearing Light Video, they will immerse into the game world where an 80-inch screen appears in front of their eyes, giving them a totally different gaming experience, a more immersive and thrilling one. Light Video can support all games in users’ phones, so they can change games any time they like. The battery can last for 7 hours, guaranteeing users a whole-day carefree relaxation with friends.

Users can watch videos while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Light Video has 1920 * 1080 definition and a large 80-inch screen, and in fact, it can be user’s private mobile high-definition theater. Stretching out on a sofa with some coffee and snacks, users can enjoy a good movie any time anywhere. Light Video is the size of a pair of normal glasses, but carrying it, you are carrying a high-definition TV, which can give you infinite happiness.

Thin and fashionable, Light Video looks like a normal pair of glasses.

Light Video weights around 62 grams, the weight of an egg. It looks like a pair of fashionable normal glasses, so wearing it in a canteen looks totally normal.

Whether in a trip or at home, Light Video can bring happiness to users’ life. Users can only fully understand its charm after experiencing it by themselves. Please go to Kickstart and get to know it.

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