Salazar uses his talent as an independent digital content creator

Juan Manuel Rojas Salazar, better known as Juanma Salazar, is one of those entrepreneurs who can resonate themselves with the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. After graduating as Telecommunication Engineer, Salazar decided to be a part of the Entertainment industry, but the story begins when he dared to be his own boss and took the courage for marking “office life” as “road not taken.” Ever since the choice for the ‘road to home’ Salazar has experienced exotic destinations around the world and won a number of awards. Working from his couch made him compete with his own self and he evolved in the best possible way, both in a personal and professional capacity as well as capability. 

Having the privilege to work with Facebook on several projects, Salazar is of the view that by working inside cubes, on stressed desks and delivering like a robot does not unlock our full potential but on the other hand working from home for an industry requires education and training. Being ambitious alone is not enough, it is squarely important to learn from an educational institution where you acquire discipline and develop as a professional, and more importantly as person. As a result, Salazar always suggests and encourages new aspirers to always adopt a professional approach and study as much as possible.

To him, it was never an easy go. Constant commitment, sacrifices and unyielding courage is what you need to be at his position. The career of a digital entertainer demands patience at beginning. It may take your plenty of time, efforts and money with no immediate gain in return. That is the test and the turning point where so many give up. You must be aware that it’s a full time job and you will not just have to perform but to outperform your competitors in the market without a sponsored content. You may not be paid even for your best at the start but your willingness to keep going and growing will ultimately pay you.

“The passion to entertain the public is what really separates this profession from others, if you feel passion for this and you love this world, this will make you happy. Do not do it for money, because no it’s not easy”, said Juanma. Young people must understand that when you follow a dream, you’ll have to be daring, be willing to have less and give more at the beginning. It takes time to cut into a gem but if you just have confidence on yourself, you will get through just like Robert Frost ends the stanza, “I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.”

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