King Koating Roofing Offers a Range of Roofing Services with a High Attention to Detail

The roof acts as a barrier between the interior of a home and the exterior world – keeping it safe against the elements of nature, such as hail, snow, ice, branches, and debris. If the roof is in good shape, the homeowner can avoid a whole host of problems, such as leaks, breakage, mold, and mildew. Unfortunately, even the smallest leak in a roof can result in major problems throughout the entire home. For instance, the smallest leak in a roof can lead to much higher energy bills as it’s not sufficiently insulated from the weather. In addition, a roof in bad condition results in a lower home value, which is especially important to consider if the homeowner plans on listing their home.

As a trained team of roofing contractors, King Koating Roofing offers a range of roofing services that are all performed with a high attention to detail. They are experienced enough to ensure each service they provide gives their customers the best possible results while staying within the allocated timeline and budget. From preventative maintenance to entire roof replacements, King Koating Roofing is able to handle all roofing requirements with ease and efficiency with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

A range of roofing services

Whether an individual’s roof is old enough that it’s exceeded its average lifespan, which is approximately 15-20 years, or they’re starting to notice signs of damage or staining that are worrisome, King Koating Roofing is able to help with a range of roofing services. Not only do they provide preventative roof maintenance wherein they’ll ensure the roof lasts years beyond its initial warranty period, but they also provide emergency repairs in the event that the roof becomes damaged unexpectedly. They’re available around-the-clock to give property owners peace of mind while preventing any sort of interior damage to the building.

In addition, they provide roof instalment services for those who are creating or taking over a new building. This allows the property owner to rest assured knowing they have a team of experienced, well-trained contractors who will use the highest quality materials throughout the project. Once they’ve completed the roof installation, they’re able to provide additional services, such as waterproofing or the aforementioned preventative maintenance, to keep the roof in the best possible shape for years to come.

An invaluable roof management program

King Koating Roofing has even developed an innovative roof management program to help clients keep track of their roof system. This roof management program combines annual maintenance inspections with comprehensive reports to help property owners stay in-the-loop on cost planning, replacement budgeting, and roof conditions. Essentially, property owners can log in using a username and password, then gain access to all of the information they need via the internet. It’s an efficient way to ensure all individuals have the knowledge and insight they need to keep their roof in the best possible condition all year long.

About King Koating Roofing

King Koating Roofing is a team of dedicated roofing contractors who have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of roofing and building envelope construction. They’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the most efficient service with an unrivalled commitment to taking care of their customers.

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