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Texas native, James Cletus Smith Johnson Jr (or Jimmy Junior to his friends) has a real knack for tinkering. His tiny workshop is a mad inventor’s paradise. The wall to wall shelf spaces of his shop are crammed with an odd automobile and motorcycle parts, dusty mechanical components, computers in various stages of disassembly, an assortment of tools, and cobwebs of electrical wiring that will give a fire inspector a heart attack. Watching over the chaos is his dutiful cat named Eustice.

There’s a method in all the madness. It’s hard to tell with his unkempt mullet, plaid cut-offs and tattered camouflage pants but Jimmy Junior is a prolific inventor and has been one since he learned to solder on breadboards in high school. He often won first place in science and technology fairs in school as well as local government-sponsored competition. He finished a degree in electrical engineering from the local community college and he has sought to hit it big with his latest invention: the wheel.

Of course, it’s a re-invention and according to Jimmy Junior, his version, The Eustice’s Wheel (or E-Wheel for short) will revolutionize how electric propulsion will make its way into the commuting mainstream of Fort Worth, Texas. Currently, brand new electric vehicles are expensive, owing to the high cost of batteries and the complexity of production. But Jimmy Junior offers a practical alternative. He imagines people retrofitting their current gas-guzzling pick-ups and diesel tractors with his self-contained electric wheel assembly. It will be as easy as changing a tire, and since all the components are sourced locally and are readily available, producing his wheel will be less expensive. And with the savings from spending less on gas, people can recoup their investment on the electric wheel upgrade in a short amount of time.

It all looked good on paper and Jimmy Junior was able to create a few working prototypes. It’s now a matter of getting investors on board his grand project. He sent out a few letters to possible investors describing his latest and greatest invention. He detailed technical specifications of his wheel and even ran the numbers of the possible cost of production. He even made a short demo video of the E-Wheel which he also shared on his social media page. As a bonus, Eustice the cat makes an appearance in the video. He was confident that his product will sell itself without a lot of fuss. If that’s not enough, Jimmy Junior believed that his cat would be supplying the needed luck.

Almost a year has passed yet none of his written proposals were responded to. This is when Jimmy Junior quickly discovered that marketing his product is easier said than done. Certainly, it would take more than luck. It proved to be a huge challenge because, in spite of Jimmy Junior’s ability to crunch numbers and figure out solutions to technical issues, marketing was alien to him.

This is when he realized that if people would need a person like him to solve their mobility problems, he would also need the expertise of others to solve his marketing problem. And so Jimmy Junior got himself a professional marketing service. But not just any other service, Jimmy Junior got the Sales Letter Creation service offered by

The team that composes has years of collective experience in marketing, advertising and sales promotions, and so the service provider was the right fit for the job. needed to point-out something not too obvious for Jimmy Junior, that a sales letter is about selling an idea first, and an engineering dissertation second. knew that several things can be done to present Jimmy Junior’s E-Wheel better than merely providing cold data and technical specifications. But before started drafting the letter, it had to establish general groundwork with Jimmy Junior.

First, the objective of the letter has to be specified. Commonly, letters sell an individual product or service. But sales letters can also be about selling or strengthening a brand. For Jimmy Junior, it was for investors to invest in his idea and provide financial support into scaling his production.

Second, greater aspiration must be thoroughly fleshed-out. For Jimmy Junior, he wants his inventions to not only be appreciated but more importantly, he wants them to be instruments of change and progress. He wants to better the lives of others through his inventions, specifically with his E-Wheel.

Third, the need must be identified and the product should show how it alleviates the problem. For Jimmy Junior, gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles do not only pollute the environment but their upkeep and maintenance are costly. Both factors dig deeply into the cost of living in terms of addressing health issues and the daily expense of mobility. His E-Wheel is set to change that by providing a viable alternative power-source for vehicles of all types.

Lastly is the why and how which is where Jimmy Junior’s E-Wheel production feasibility study comes in.

After establishing the groundwork, was able to create a convincing and compelling sales letter for Jimmy Junior’s E-Wheel project. Just a month into sending his Sales Letters, interested parties have finally responded. Jimmy Junior has been in talks with two major manufacturing outfits who are willing to provide production capabilities for his product and he hopes that it won’t be long before the world starts seeing road cars and vehicles powered by Eustice’s Wheel. And Jimmy Junior knows that this has been made possible by’s revolutionary Sales Letter Creation service.

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