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The opportunity to experience stress daily is high. It can come from different areas of life; this includes obligations, jobs, finances, relationships, schedules, and more.
Stress is something that challenges you and helps you grow and it isn’t something that you can avoid.

But too much stress can take a toll on you physically, mentally, emotionally and can greatly affect your well-being. It may be impossible to get rid of stress but you can welcome it and take the necessary steps to cope with it and be stress-free. is a leading online platform that advocates a culture of change in responding to the challenges and stresses of life. They are in a mission to nurture one’s holistic well-being by providing courses on how to deal with life’s stresses. is aware of the struggles and demands of life that is why their platform is created to help individuals cope up and reduce the impact of stressful situations. The company offers a wide variety of online courses that can help on how to cope with stress and have a stress-free life.

One of the best courses offered by that is known to be a great antidote to stress is The Definitive Yoga. This course tackles almost everything, from the history of Yoga, its types, and how it improves all aspects of life: physical, spiritual, mental, relationship and self-development.

Yoga originated from the word “yoke” which means to bring together – the body, the mind, and the spirit. It has long been known to be an ancient practice for over 5,000 years not just for spiritual transformation, but also for stress management. It has been proven to have a powerful effect in releasing stress from the body.

Experts say that adding yoga in your daily activities can help minimize stress and increase productivity. It is known to be an effective stress reliever because, aside from its physical benefits, it also increases mindfulness, encourages good mood, and a healthy dose of self-compassion.

A classic yoga includes physical postures, ethical disciplines, meditation, and breathing control, mental imagery, and stretching. These combined techniques help the body to become relaxed and energized.

According to, the best way to experience the difference yoga can make is to establish a consistent yoga routine. Listed below are stress-reducing techniques that when combined with yoga can help in reducing stress.

  1. Breathe control – Also known as breathwork or Pranayama. While breathing is an involuntary act, learning to regulate breaths or learning to take deep breaths is an effective and quick way to combat stressful situations.
  2. Hatha Yoga/Exercise – This is a physical practice of yoga postures. It involves body, mind, and breathing. There are various types under this and some are slow and focuses on stretching while the others are fast. Tension makes your body feel tight and causes you to pain whenever you’re stressed. Stretching helps in releasing tension from areas like shoulders and hips.
  3. Mind clearing – The mind is constantly active and races from one thought to another. Such mind work contributes to one’s stress and yoga helps in taming the monkey mind. Asanas or yoga poses is a meditation form that needs to be done with so much concentration. By doing such, it helps in putting all your worries and thoughts aside and giving the brain its much-needed break.
  4. Relaxation – Yoga sessions are usually ended with a final relaxation posture called Savasana or Corpse Pose. It allows the mind and body to process everything that happens during the yoga class. It also helps transition you back into the world feeling energized, refreshed, and equipped to combat any kind of stress. This usually lasts around five to ten minutes. wants to emphasize that yoga can do so much to help in reducing stress. It helps in developing an awareness of how your mind works and how you can live more consciously. It gives you the opportunity on how to respond properly to stress and allow yourself to be less affected by it and live a stress-free life.

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