Texas Hospice Educates Readers On Chronic Kidney Disease Stages

Texas Hospice Educates Readers On Chronic Kidney Disease Stages

Harbor Light Hospice – End of Life Care

Bedford, Texas – December 23, 2019 – Harbor Light Hospice, a Texas Hospice, recently released a blog educating readers on the chronic kidney disease stages. Understanding the symptoms and health concerns of each stage can help families provide loved ones battling CKD with high quality care.

Chronic kidney disease occurs when the kidneys are consistently damaged, rendering them unable to clean toxins and other waste from the blood. It is often the result of other health issues that impact the kidneys and can happen all at once, or slowly over time. As the disease progresses, patients experience a range of symptoms. There are five stages of kidney disease, each of which is diagnosed based on how much serum creatinine — a waste product normally filtered by the kidneys — is in the blood.

The kidneys of patients with Stage 1 CKD are not significantly damaged, and they can continue functioning at near-normal levels. Damage is more extensive in Stage 2, but as with Stage 1, there are few symptoms present. During Stage 3A and 3B, symptoms will worsen and include fatigue, fluid retention, swelling, shortness of breath, kidney pain, and trouble sleeping. While a kidney friendly diet and exercise are effective at slowing down earlier stages of CKD, Stage 3 requires the intervention of a nephrologist and medication to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and other concurrent illnesses. Stage 4 CKD is often marked by nausea, vomiting, and a loss of appetite, and Stage 5 CKD requires dialysis or a transplant for survival. Headaches and a general feeling of illness and unease are common in this stage.

Contact Harbor Light Hospice for more information about hospice care services for loved ones living with CKD. Chronic kidney disease has no cure, though dialysis or a kidney transplant can dramatically improve one’s condition. Hospice care services help patients feel as comfortable as possible during the last six months of their lives if these treatment methods are unsuccessful. Harbor Light offers comprehensive, customized care plans for patients and their families to help them cope and retain a high quality of life while managing CKD. Harbor Light’s Bedford office is located at 801 Forest Ridge Dr, Suite 100, Bedford, TX 76022. The hospice can be contacted by phone at 817-358-4777 or online at https://www.harborlighthospice.com/locations/texas/.

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