Qimai Data, together with 77 award-winning enterprises of the 2019 NextWorld Annual Top Product, displayed on the Nasdaq Screen in New York

Recently, the 4th 2019 NextWorld Summit and the Annual Top Product Award Ceremony hosted by Qimai Data successfully concluded in Beijing, China. On the spot of the summit, the award-winning products of the “2019 NextWorld Annual Top Product Award” were released, aiming to explore the most innovative and growing mobile products in 2019 based on a sharp industry perspective and the authoritative objective data.

Showing power with strength at the crossroads of the world

After the awards were released, Qimai Data, together with 77 award-winning enterprises, displayed on the large screen of Times Square in New York, USA, enabling China’s most powerful apps and mini programs in 2019 to appear at the crossroads of the world so as to commend the outstanding products that dare to innovate with the “hardcore” experience, great achievements and unlimited potential in the past year.


The “2019 Nextworld Annual Top Product Award”, initiated by Qimai Data (Qimai.cn), selected the most representative app and mini program products based on objective big data with the combination of public voting and expert review. It was committed to establishing the product benchmark of the mobile industry, jointly promoting the development of the industry.

Making innovations without cease and leading China’s new direction ofentrepreneurship

The “2019 Nextworld Annual Top Product Award”, which has been held for four consecutive years, aims to find innovative and growing products. It is one of the most valuable and authoritative awards in the mobile industry. After the release of the award list, it has attracted wide attention of investment institutions and the mobile Internet practitioners in the industry and received competitive reports from much well-known domestic media. Displaying on the Nasdaq screen of the Times Square in New York, the United States, ignited the future with the light of science and technology in front of the whole world, highlighted the new forces of innovation in China, and led the new direction of entrepreneurship in China.

In the future, Qimai Data (Qimai.cn) will continue to comprehensively and accurately interpret the new trend of mobile development from a sharp industry perspective with professional data analysis. In that case, it can help mobile developers and Internet enterprises obtain efficient growth and jointly promote the new development of the industry through the aspects of products, data, content, and services.

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