Compelling new discovery – Ancient charts reveal that Jesus was born on February 26th in year 6 BC

A fascinating archive of celestial data has been discovered and remarkably, it once belonged to the biblical prophets. The precious find was made by Michael Hearns from Ireland while he was analysing the peculiar sets of numbers in the Bible.

The evidence indicates that the prophets had repackaged the cosmicdata and covertly inserted the indices as census numbers in the Old Testament.

Michael has deciphered the data and it reveals secrets from antiquity, which are truly stunning.The highlights of what the data contained are as follows:

  • Sets of charts with the indices of a divine like intelligence of the heavens.
  • The biblical tabernacle as a cosmic heaven on earth abode because its dimensions were secretly overlaid with the orbits of the planets.
  • The prophets used the cosmic charts to forecast the date when the predicted Messiah would be born. It would be on the 26th February in the year 6 BC at the time of a bright star over Bethlehem.
  • The date of the crucifixion of Jesus was identified as Friday 3rd April in the year 33 AD.

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This detailed information is priceless because it makes it possible to tell the inside story of the Messiah as never before told. From Michael’s analysis of the data he was able to draw very significant deductions as follows:

  • The gospel writers had covertly presented the resurrection of Jesus by using the cosmic tabernacle as a metaphor for the tomb.
  • The presentation with the two roomed tabernacle showed that Mary Magdalene had the same status as the traditional High Priest. This would seem to indicate that she was to be the successor of Jesus.
  • For the first time there is scientific evidence in hard facts and figures to show that the prophets were able to see into the future because they had listed the date of birth of Jesus together with the date of his crucifixion.

To view those celestial charts and read the inside story of the Messiah go to Michael’s website, where the findings are on display in book format at:

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