Interview with Hazardous Chemical Expert – Chungang Zhang

He is respected as a “hazard chemical expert” and has many inventions marked with “Patent Pending”. His works such as (Organic Chemistry), (Organic Chemistry and Organic Materials Research), and (Chemical Analysis Technology and Principle Research) have been used as university textbooks. Many excellent papers were published on Chinese top-level journals, i.e., (China Petrochemical Management) and (Chemical Management), winning the first prize of the National Engineering Technology Awards, the first prize of the Huaxia Cup Science and Technology Innovation Competition, the first prize of the Huachuang Cup National Science and Technology Competition Awards, etc. The contribution of his company’s brand, as a pioneer of hazardous chemicals, to the fluoride industry has been reported by the media. He is Chungang Zhang.

The environmental problems has severe effects on every human, animal, and nation today. With the increasing use of hazardous chemicals in unscientific production and transportation, the destructive power of hazardous chemicals has seriously affected the environment. From the starting point of the fluorination in organic chemistry and transportation, Chungang Zhang has been working hard and making outstanding contributions in the fields of hazardous chemical safety, environmental protection, and related scientific researches.

Chungang Zhang’s story with the chemicals can be traced back to the 1980s. In the 1980s, he was admitted to Kyoto University and received high honor for his undergraduate studies from his instructor. After graduation, he directly advanced to pursue the master degree in Chemistry.

Chungang Zhang followed the trend of China’s reform and opening-up and eventually created his own international hazardous chemicals company. In 2018, the turnover of his company is more than 100 million yuan, which is served by more than 40 employees with professional college degree.

He also dared to innovate. In response to the issue of small cans with refrigerants overheating in containers, he invented a PVC insulation film to avoid accidents. In the past, there is no recycling method or customized equipment for the use of refrigerants in the developing countries. Chungang invented a seal for the refrigeration system, which is the most effective solution to prevent the leaking problems in the system. Using the seal in a large number of refrigeration systems would help alleviate the current issues of global warming and ozone hollow. Both inventions have been filed for patent applications and are under pending status.

Chungang Zhang is the person on the right. The second person from the right is Geno Nardini, the chairman of the South American Aerosol Association. The person in the middle is Hugo Chaluleu, the chairman of the Brazilian Aerosol Association.

Appointed as the most important member of The Chemical Industry Commitee and Engineering Society of China, Chungang participated in the initial and final review of the national standard GB / T 36765-2018 (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (aerosol can type) for automotive air conditioners). At the conference of the China Standardization Association Automotive Committee in April 2019, he raised a proposal to develop an International Standard of Refrigerants for Automotive Air Conditioning, which was accepted by majority of the participants. At the International Aerosol Innovation Forum, he published the paper titled (Analysis of Dangerous and Harmful Factors and Preventive Measures in the Whole Process of Production and Transportation of Dimethyl Ether), which was highly praised by Mr. Geno, the chairman of International Aerosol Association and South American Aerosol Association, and Mr. Hugo, the president of Brazilian Aerosol Association.

All these contributions and achievements are motivated by Chungang’s belief that his fate will be closely linked to the rapid development of the industry of the hazardous chemicals ever since he entered the university. As a successful Chinese entrepreneur, he will continue to strive in the industry of hazardous chemicals and expand his influence elsewhere in the world, making contribution to the chemical safety in the global environment!

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