Here’s the new book of Satish Pillai “Direct Marketing Techniques”

Here’s the new book of Satish Pillai “Direct Marketing Techniques”

Direct Marketing Techniques” is a book written by Satish Pillai, the contents of which include the immensely researched marketing strategies and its advantages towards building a brand. For every successful organization, brand recognition is essential, and the author has aimed towards focusing on it. The book is available in e-book and paperback to reach out to maximum readers. It consists of the features, benefits, and outcomes of different marketing strategies.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to survive and sustain without an appropriate marketing strategy in place given the stiff market competition in all industries. “Direct Marketing Techniques” is the new publication that pays attention to those needs of an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing organization that requires maximum exposure of the market towards enhancing the work production. This book consists of all the competitive strategies that will help an organization excel in good terms and make it easier to establish a brand presence.

The direct marketing techniques mentioned in the book also define different selling propositions that will help an organization streamline its offerings and services. With all the strategies briefly explained in the book, you can get a fair understanding of the usual direct marketing process. The clearly stated examples and methodologies of implementation will help you analyze the growth rate and rate of return for the brand’s market size. Here in the book “Direct Marketing Strategies,” you will find strategies and direct marketing tips that you can easily implement in your business irrespective of your core business industry or domain. 

It’s quite hard for entrepreneurs to find market strategies which can withstand the market pressure and still give a recognizable impression to the services and offerings of the brand. “Direct Marketing Techniques” is the solution to all your direct marketing requirements. Behind every successful marketing business, there is an in-depth planning strategy that remains hidden from the consumers. The final outcomes of all the strategies & tips are highlighted and briefly explained in this professionally written e-book or paperback book.

It is quite essential to know your target audience and the medium you plan to use, as, without an idea of what the strategy is up to for your business through a particular medium, there is a high chance of implementation failure. To avoid a decrease in market presence, “Direct Marketing Techniques” provides you with a great amount of information to effectively use the advertising mediums and other such strategies to improve the market presence for your business. Another big aspect of following this book for your business growth is that you will have an idea about how different Direct marketing techniques can work as per your needs.

Before giving the responsibility to a firm for its branding needs, you must be clear about the ideas and strategies that you want to have implemented during your marketing campaign(s). There must be transparency between the marketing firm and the business organization to stay clear about the requirements and the upcoming implementations. With every strategy implemented by the firm, one can keep a track on the probable outcomes with ample knowledge gained from “Direct Marketing Techniques.”

About the book:

The author Satish Pillai is a Direct Marketing and Contact Center Professional who has more than 14 years of experience in the Direct Marketing industry. He has written many other insightful business articles including one published by Forbes titled “Increase Your Direct Marketing Success With These Four Steps” and yet another book titled “Call Center Outsourcing: Risks and Rewards”, that are bound to help even entrepreneurs who are relatively new to the Direct Marketing industry. 

“Direct Marketing Techniques” can help you gain a steady volume of new customers by implementing the mentioned techniques and tools that focus on the income level, lifestyle, and other aspects of the targeted customer base. This book is meant to help you and your team understand the most professional ways of acquiring new customers. 


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