Say Goodbye to Misaligned Teeth and Imperfect Smiles

The Art of Dentistry, is making smiles a snap with invisalign technologies.

The Art of Dentistry in Toronto, is making individuals flash their smiles with confidence using the Invisalign technology.  No longer do individuals have to suffer with metal braces for years, and suffer the consequences of metal braces, when the Art of Dentistry can provide smiles at a fraction of the cost with well-fitted Invisalign appliances.  Metal bracing can take years to straighten teeth and be quite painful.  They also can cause wear and tear on teeth, be unsightly, and must be followed up routinely with extreme oral care and visits to an orthodontist. 

Invisalign technology takes away all this stress, unsightliness and sometimes unwarranted problems that could occur with metal braces.  There are also restrictions on metal braces as to types of food that can be eaten and problems with the braces breaking and causing jagged sharp edges.  Getting an orthodontist in an emergency such as this is almost impossible.  The restrictions can also extend to playing sports where any bump can cause a breakage in the metal braces.  Hard foods also can be problematic, and many individuals unknowingly run into problems when choosing metal braces.

Invisalign technology has eliminated most of the problems associated with metal braces.

Invisalign braces are made of clear polyurethane plastic and removed for easy tooth brushing and dental hygiene.  A step by step process is put into place with Invisalign braces and the teeth are straightened naturally without any pain.  Invisalign braces also are cosmetically appealing as they are clear, and wearers don’t look as if their teeth are even being corrected by braces.  Invisalign braces are a good choice for those that are concerned about cosmetic appearance of metal braces.  However, if a person is in need of industrial strength straightening, then conventional metal braces are a better choice as Invisalign braces cannot solve all tooth straightening problems. 

While media abounds with a DIY approach to Invisalign braces its best to choose a dentist to oversee.

DIY (Do It Yourself) media on television and in ads online everywhere promote having this procedure done at home by yourself.  The best results, however, do come from seeing a good dentist or orthodontist that can oversee the whole process and make sure teeth are being straightened as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  The dentists at The Art of Dentistry in Toronto can make an Invisalign evaluation and employ the methodology for results for all their clients.  With their knowledge of Invisalign and their devotion to the happiness of their clients, their clients can rest assured that the “perfect smile” is the ultimate goal of this dentist/orthodontist in Ontario.  Making an appointment is simple, quick and easy and each client gets individualized attention.  So, get ready for the smile of a lifetime and visit The Art of Dentistry in Toronto. 

About the Art of Dentistry

The Art of Dentistry in Toronto focuses on compassion and experience in their staff and dentists.  They believe in delivering results as quickly as possible.  The hours are extensive, to suit a patient’s needs.  Mondays, 8 AM to 7 PM, Tuesdays also 8 AM to 7 PM, Wednesdays, 8 AM to 5 PM, Thursdays, also 8 AM to 7 PM, and Fridays, 8 AM to 1 PM.  Once a month they are open Saturday, from 9 AM to 1 PM.  Phone numbers, email and an online form exist for easy appointment setting.  Several languages are spoken,  English, Mandarin, Russian and Polish.

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