Why the Rise in E-Commerce is Driving Huge Demand for Warehouse Storage

The thriving business model of e-commerce, with its large-scale storage and shipping approach, is promising great things for the warehouse storage industry. With many firms adopting the Amazon style of operating, demand for warehouse storage space has soared and yet industry insiders say the market is still not realizing its potential – despite revenue in Canada alone hitting $4 billion in 2019.

The growth in warehouse storage demand has been compared by business experts to the comparative decline in high street retail space. As one is squeezed, so the other grows. But warehouse storage is benefiting from much more than just the e-commerce industry. Self-storage needs have grown as more people are living in smaller homes with restricted storage space, due to higher urban density in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

Warehouse storage becoming harder to find

With warehouse vacancies dropping to near-record lows, it’s becoming harder for customers who are looking for warehouse storage for their items. One new approach by firms is to cut down on the occupied space by building taller warehouses that stretch up numerous floors. But with available warehouse space being snapped up by wily investors, it’s existing warehouse storage companies that customers will need to turn to for support.

“Warehouse storage is very much at a premium these days, which is why our customers are grateful that we have available space across 200 cities in North America,” says a spokesperson for Ontario Container Transport, a specialist warehousing and distribution company. “We also offer freight shipping and container transport between the US and Canada, in a safe and secure environment.”

Ontario Container Transport ensure maximum security through a 24/7 camera surveillance system, bolstered by a fenced area for valuable items at the higher end. Fire alarms and sprinkler systems provide extra protection against damage to goods. Customers also have seven-day access to items and there is no maximum or minimum period of time for warehouse storage.

The company is also able to handle a wide variety of different storage containers, which opens the warehouse storage availability to a greater breadth of company types. Pallets and container wrapping are also on offer as an extra option.

“Our storage and distribution system is streamlined to the point of goods being delivered straight from the warehouse storage,” added the spokesperson. “With intermodal alternatives available for transportation, we can load all types of storage containers and units and convey them to our partner airports, train stations and ocean freight carriers. Goods can be transported all over the world.”

Smart warehouses are a priority

A customer’s choice of warehouse storage will largely be driven by its technological capabilities, with sophisticated software being constantly developed to allow for improvements in the delivery, security and tracking of items. A comprehensive tracking system that covers customers’ goods from point of receipt to its shipping, and can still track goods via intermodal shipping, is vital for customers to feel comfortable in the knowledge that their inventory is safe.

About Ontario Container Transport

Ontario Container Transport offers freight shipping, moving and warehouse storage and distribution services for all sizes of project. They distribute globally via land, sea and air, and are not tied to one transport method or provider. They have warehouse storage available in 200 cities across North America.

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