How Toronto Live Wedding Bands Are Changing with the Times

In many areas of life, the passing of time sees tastes change – and in this modern era of all sorts of boundaries and stereotypes being broken down and dispensed with, it is many of the most traditional pursuits that have seen the most change. For wedding bands in Toronto, this has certainly been the case for wedding ceremonies, which have seen all sorts of priorities shift and couples much more likely to do something bespoke.

With figures showing an increase in the number of Canadians getting married, there is much for Toronto wedding bands to be upbeat about. And although the new priorities for millennials has shifted more towards environmental concerns and opting for greater creativity and invention over sheer size and scale – with pop-up weddings currently a trend – live music is still on the menu.

Wedding bands in Toronto must handle changing tastes

While musical tastes change over the years, it is not just new genres and songs to learn that pose a challenge to Toronto wedding bands. Different places such as rustic settings and outdoors locations, and expectations around lights and special effects, all means that the budget for a live band is squeezed and the couple may end up going for a DJ. Outdoors locations also mean logistical challenges for wedding bands and their extensive equipment and power needs.

“The advantage of hiring live wedding bands for the after-ceremony party means that they are flexible enough to shape whatever atmosphere the couple are going for,” says a spokesperson for Main Event Music, a supplier of wedding bands in Toronto.

“They can turn their hand to all types of music depending on whether couples want a raucous party atmosphere or something quieter and more reflective. Another benefit of live wedding bands over a DJ is that they can play an active role in engaging with guests, stimulating the mood and ensuring the guests feel like a genuine participant in the occasion. They can also take requests whereas DJs tend to arrive with a pre-selected collection of popular music.”

Providing a tailored approach to the big day

The team at Main Event Music is focused on providing a tailored experience on the day and does this by walking through plans for the day with couples and their wedding planners. This helps to get familiar with the structure and schedule of the day, as well as its overall theme and style – the team can then make suggestions on the most suitable wedding bands to play on the day and customers can also receive a free showcase to test the choice live.

Main Event Music has wider experience across the entertainment industry and applies this to their wedding band work. As well as weddings, the company also provides live music for corporate events, special events in Toronto such as street parties, and music production for events, including staging, lighting, sound and audio visual technology.

About Main Event Music

Main Event Music is a Toronto wedding band organisation that specializes in providing live music entertainment for weddings. Their service includes working with clients to plan the style, tone and timing of wedding bands according to the overall mood and schedule of the day. Main Event Music also provide services for corporate events and music production for live events.

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