Education Entrepreneur Mr. Yi Yulong Attended the World Leaders Sustainable Development Lecture – ZX EDU Embarks on a New International Journey

Mr. Yi Yulong, Chairman of ZX EDU, was invited to the high-profile World Leaders Sustainable Development Lecture, which was held in Singapore on December 14, 2019.

During the meeting, former President Barack H. Obama exchanged ideas with the entrepreneurs by way of conversation. With his strategic thinking and international vision as the former President of the largest economy of the world, he shared his view on the future of Sino-U.S. relationship, prospects of world economic development and entrepreneurs’ social responsibilities etc. He appealed to all countries of the world to strengthen cooperation, so as to allow globalization to play a bigger role and bring peace and prosperity to the world.

Key enterprises of China were invited to the Lecture. The Internet and education industries, considered as the two focal points of sustainable development, had drawn great attention. The goal of ZX EDU is highly consistent with the aim of the Lecture to support the sustainable development of the world economy. Moreover, ZX EDU’s spirit of innovation, challenge and dedication as well as the social responsibility also partly represent the spirit of the Lecture.

“No other industry can be compared to education in terms of capital intensity and technological innovation. If more capital and innovative technology can be invested in Chinese family education, especially the family education for those 3-16 years old, China will be made a greater country, and the future of our next generation, our country and our nation will be full of hope. This is why I believe family education is particularly good for the country,” Yi Yulong said.

Photo of Former President Barack H. Obama and Mr. Yi Yulong

Yi Yulong was invited to attend the International Leaders Business Banquet

Currently, the world faces a complex and changeable situation and encounters severe challenges including anti-globalization, unilateralism and trade protectionism. To overcome the difficulties of the world economy, excellent entrepreneurs shall cooperate with international leaders, recognize the whole through observation of the details and foresee the trends, thus to have the situation well in hand and win success in distant. The smart can foresee a thing before it happens. The wise can avoid danger before it appears. When Chinese entrepreneurs are “creating new driving forces and setting out a new journey”, what they urgently need are exactly the farsighted strategic insight, excellent wisdom and high-quality international resources of world leaders.

Group photo of Yi Yulong and executives of other enterprises in the Lecture

ZX EDU will be keeping up with time and tide while remaining true to the original aspiration. In addition to satisfying social demands on more convenient and smart education, it is marching forward unswervingly to promote Internet-based smart education. In this competitive market, it learns from the leading companies of the industry and strives to surpass them. Moreover, it spares no effort to build itself into a distinctive and powerful high-quality company with an open mind and a pioneering spirit. After years of growth and progress, it is now embarking on a new international journey.

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