Mushroom Media Online to Support the Farm to Table Movement and Mushroom Farmers in the U.S.

Mushroom Media Online to Support the Farm to Table Movement and Mushroom Farmers in the U.S.

Northampton, MA – December 23rd, 2019 – Mushroom Media Online, a platform for the highest quality and best mushroom growing media is gratified to support mushroom farming to table movement as well as mushroom farmers throughout the country. The company is currently working along with farms from Florida to Hawaii and in between. They are now offering the Unicorn Brand of grow bags as well as All American line of pressure cookers and sterilizers.

Mushroom Media Online can ship directly to farms or homes while offering other shipping alternatives to lower expenses when accessible. In fact, they can obtain any ingredient accessible on the market shipped to their clients for less.

The company can easily get soy hulls for growers if it’s not available in their area. Few of their customers don’t have the access to good hardwood sawdust. This is why they ship their own Amish brand oak wood pellets directly, allowing their customers to save a substantial amount of money.

According to a representative from the company, “Our focus is on helping farms by providing the ingredients and tools they need to grow amazing mushrooms for their customers. Mushroom farms are seeing a major growth increase in the United States and around the world at this time. Where we are unique is how hard we work to not only provide amazing supplies all from the U.S. but our focus on reducing shipping costs when you buy in bulk.”

Farmers who are only starting their growing mushrooms or expanding into mushrooms on their existing farms can opt for Mushroom Media Online. They have a group of skilled staff and free helpful guides and resources for growers right on their website. Customers can easily purchase items in bulk or even with the bag.

Mushroom Media Online works very hard to lower the expense of shipping on often-heavy supplies to keep the low cost. They provide free shipping on small orders too. The company also takes pride in offering its very own fast fruiting mix. This is a unique combination of fifty percent soy hulls and fifty percent oak sawdust, made into a pre-made pellet. A few specialists in the mushroom industry call this mix as the master mix, as it provides the best mushroom substrate for different varieties of mushrooms such as a sought-after oyster mushroom.

About Mushroom Media Online

Mushroom Media Online is a platform offering everything a mushroom grower requires. They provide hard-to-source ingredients such as Oak Hardwood pellets, Organic Wheat Bran, Soy Hulls and the Unicorn Brand of grow bags. They take pride in delivering superior prices on All American Pressure Cooker and Sterilizers.

To learn more about Mushroom Media Online, contact Harry Warrick at (413) 531-9742 or send him an email at [email protected]. Visit the company’s official website at to check out the services they offer.

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