Raffle of the Day Announces a $10 Million Fundraising Goal

LOS ANGELES – 23rd December, 2019 – Today, Raffle of the Day announced that they plan to raise $10 million, supporting the work of charities around the world. Founded in 2017, Raffle of the Day exists to help nonprofits create impact. Using a everyone wins model, the company raffles off high-priced products to raise money for nonprofits, and a winner walks away with the product saving 95% on average. Since founding, the socially conscious company has partnered with charities working in women’s empowerment, children’s services, minority rights, disaster relief, health and many more.

“We’re really grateful for the generosity of our community, and the passion of our team and charity partners in pursuit of reaching this audacious goal,” said Nick Burke, CEO and co-founder of Raffle of the Day. “The hard work of nonprofits around the world give us the motivation to get out of bed every morning raise this $10 million.”

By offering the chance to win the newest iPhone, or the latest designer purse with as little as $5, new audiences are engaged that may not have otherwise contributed to nonprofits. Raffle of the Day’s raffles have inspired donations from more than 15 countries and counting, and this type of reach creates entirely new streams of income for charities that can be immediately put to use.

This model works because Raffle of the Day uniquely understands the product desires of today’s culture, gives those products away, and creates meaning around it by letting the winner choose the charity the proceeds are sent too. Looking forward, Raffle of the Day is focused on seeing its long-term vision come to life – a world where winning and giving are not mutually exclusive.

The future of the company is continuing to challenge conventional ways of giving. In 2020, Raffle of the Day aims to complete their Series A round, which will support their expansion of in-house tech, data science, and content creation capabilities. These investments will allow Raffle of the day to scale their service and offer the most value to donors. This includes deepening partnerships with luxury brands, retailers, and expanding into new areas — jewelry, cars, and houses.

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Raffle of the Day makes giving easy and fun by offering donors around the world the chance to win the products of their dreams and to support

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