Latona Pye – the single mom turned business coach with Blue Diamond Consultant & Solutions

Innovative financial solutions provider, Latona Pye, goes from welfare to entrepreneurship by helping people become more financially stable by restoring their credit and building online businesses

Latona Pye, an experienced personal development coach, business consultant, and successful entrepreneur, founded Blue Diamond Consultant & Solutions to help people that are finding it difficult to meet their financial goals. The categories of services provided by Latona through her company are credit restoration consultation, business partner consultation, and referral consultation.

According to a recent report, approximately 30% of Americans have a credit score of less than 601. It is no news that people that have relatively low and poor credit scores find it difficult to access financial helping, including getting a mortgage for a home or a consumer loan for a vehicle. This is where Latona Pye and her team at Blue Diamond Consultant & Solutions are looking to make a difference by helping as many people as possible get some level of financial stability with their innovative solutions.

Latona realized the difficulty in getting financial solutions due to bad credit scores and decided to start Blue Diamond Consultant & Solutions to help get people back on track financially. “An 800 credit score is more powerful than having $100,000 in the bank,” said Latona Pye. “My objective is to educate everyone I touch with financial knowledge and excellent credit,” Pye continued.

The credit restoration consultation is designed for persons that are looking for help in fixing their credit scores, allowing them to compete effectively in the financial market by leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals, without necessarily having to break the bank.

Latona Pye also does business partner consultation and referral consultation services that have made Pye the toast of individuals and professionals that intend to change their financial status for the better, with a blend of solutions designed to raise credit scores to healthy levels. “My job is not only to get you through the path of excellent credit but to teach you how to maintain and grow it,” said Pye.

In addition to the services listed above, other solutions offered by Latona are net worth calculations, will and trust services, a savings goal setter, and a host of others.

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About Latona Pye

Latona Pye is a personal development coach, Credit Repair consultant, and entrepreneur committed to help people reach and exceed their financial goals.

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