ASAP Credit Solutions Helped 500+ Families Accomplish Credit Approvals in 2019

ASAP Credit Solutions Helped 500+ Families Accomplish Credit Approvals in 2019
ASAP Credit Solutions announced today that it has helped over 500 families get their credits approved in 2019. To this day, 7,000 clients have reported being happy with the service provided and 989 have had their credit profiles completed.

Phoenix, AZ – December 23, 2019 – The company has a 100% rate of success in credit restoration and 76% in financial consultancy. Also, clients can enjoy bilingual services, namely English and Spanish. They will also receive financial education and bank-level security to promote financial and security health.

Some of the cases in which ASAP Credit Solutions specializes in are collections, bankruptcies, hard inquiries, repossessions, and charge offs. Collections, When a debt is sold to a collection agency, the credit score of an individual can worsen. Collections can be removed from a person’s credit report after either seven years have passed or the information reported is inaccurate. ASAP Credit Solutions has disputed more than 100 collection cases.

More than 500,000 people in the U.S. become bankrupt on an annual basis It is estimated that 20 million people would benefit from declaring bankruptcy. The credit score of an individual that files for bankruptcy can drop from 130 and 240 points depending on their prior credit score. Getting credit approvals with a poor credit score can be hard. ASAP Credit Solutions can take bankruptcies away. A hard inquiry is when a bank or financial institution checks for a person’s credit score in order to see if they are a good fit for giving him a loan. This can hurt a person’s credit rating. Repossessions happen when an asset is put as a collateral of a debt, loan, or mortgage. Around 2 million cars are repossessed each year due to borrowers being behind in their car payments. ASAP Credit Solutions has removed over a hundred cases of repossessions in the U.S. Charge Offs occur when an accountant deems that a person’s debt is unlikely to be repaid. This will be reflected up to seven years after the first missed payment. Americans have over 1 trillion dollars in terms of credit card debt. With delinquency rates of below 3% and going over 5% during the 2008-2009 crisis, people’s credit score and reputation can be damaged if they fail to pay their debt on time. In virtually all the cases listed above, the individual’s credit score will be impacted negatively. ASAP Credit Solutions can help people restore their credit ratings so they can get future credits approved.

ASAP Credit Solutions is a reputable company and industry leader in the loan lending field that focuses on allowing families to repair their credits as well as reach their financial goals. They are risk-free organization, meaning, that if they don’t repair the customer’s credit in a time-frame of six months, they can ask for a refund. The ASAP Credit Solutions team is made up of an experienced lead dispute manager, credit enrollment specialist, and lead processor.

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