Judah Tours is the go-to service for tours in Israel with affordable rates and amazing guides

Judah Tours is the go-to service for tours in Israel with affordable rates and amazing guides

Jerusalem, Israel – Judah Tours offers tour services in Israel with best guides at affordable rates and adventurous experience. Judah Tours is the best tour company in Israel that provides daily Israel tours to international as well as local tourists. The tour is conducted in an air-conditioned Mercedes van that gives the tourists fun memories with their family or friends. The tour guides offer innovative and creative ideas to allow maximum enjoyment and make the little things matter; they always work to satisfy the tourists and to exceed the expectations. The locations that the tour is conducted at, includes many beautiful and historical places such as Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Jericho, Seas of Galilee, Tel Aviv and many more. Moreover, Judah Tours also provide different types of trips like multi-day tours, private tours, one day tours and half-day tours. The guides are professional and try their level best to keep themselves updated of all the necessary information so that it can be conveyed to the tourists.

Judah Tours was started as a shared effort between all the partners who wanted to tell the world how beautiful Israel is. The agency is based in Jerusalem, who want to spread the cultural and religious aspects of Israel to the world. The company provides a unique experience of the landscapes and culture of Israel. Among the tourism, some other features of Judah Tours are that they coordinate with the tourists for hotel reservations, car rentals, logistical supports and other requirements; this shows how dedicated the team is. The guides are expert in their field with rich information about history, culture, religion and geographical aspects of the country. The guides keep themselves up to date of all the historical and local happenings.

Israel is a land of great beauty and rich cultural and religious background. The Dead Sea is an area of extreme tourist-attraction, many people visit the Dead Sea, which is considered as one of the most spectacular wonders of the world. One more interesting fact about Israel is that it is home to Rhinos which is an endangered species and hunted all over the world, but in Israel, they thrive in special breeding programmes. Israel is also the home to three monotheistic religions- Judaism, Islam and Christianity, which indicates how rich the country is in regards to religions. Here all the people from any religious background can practise their religions without any hinder. Judah Tours keep improving to make customer satisfaction even better. One of the best parts about Judah Tours is how much information the tour gets, the guides have strong knowledge and will keep the tourists informed about all the little details about the country and its vast landscapes. Customers love Judah Tours because of the hospitality and how they treat the tourists as guests in the country. It is guaranteed that the tourists learn so much more than they expect to and that is the reason for the success, to go beyond the expectations.

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