World Fintech DeFi Summit ended successfully, the global journey of finance and technology has begun

The World Fintech DeFi Summit was held on 12 -13 December, 2019 at the Lan Ding Hotel, jeju, South Korea. The conference is jointly sponsored by GCA Global Digital Asset Management Group. The conference brought together nearly a thousand experts, technology leaders, opinion leaders and business founders from around the world in the fields of blockchain, finance and digital economy. With the theme of “Innovating finance, Transforming the world”, the summit discussed the financial application of blockchain, digital industry, development trend and hot topics of blockchain industry, with the purpose of discussing how to better enable the blockchain finance DeFi ecology.The two-day conference was well received.

With the presence of first-line combat experts from all over the world, DeFi attracted much attention

Financial industry veteran and head platform representatives attended the summit, guests including GCA group Asia sermons ambassador Dr. Nicholas khoo ka Hien, GCA group CEO Dr. Josh Holt, GCA dean Dr. Daniel Ang, MX team’s chief technology officer and share of Dr. Sey Elliot, EC team’s chief contract plan and risk control Dr. Amit Sadhwani, HT’s chief technology investment advisers and risk control Dr. Anil Jason, etc.

Nicholas khoo ka Hien, Asia evangelist for GCA group, delivered an opening address to the summit on the morning of December 12, setting the tone for the summit in a brief but direct manner.

Later, Josh Holt, CEO of GCA group, delivered a speech on stage, expressing GCA group’s optimistic view on DeFi ecology and hope DeFi can benefit more people. This is not only the original intention of this conference, but also the original intention of the GCA group.

Steve Hong, a blockchain expert from South Korea, was invited to share his independent research achievements in the blockchain field. The amazing technology — blockchain alchemy highlights the business opportunities in blockchain technology, from DIFI to DAPP and the potential of blockchain commercialization.

Guests also shared MX arbitrage skills and risk control, practical skills, let the audience feel the real secondary market game scene at the conference. “Predicting contract trading” is deeply loved by the audience. Contract trading is an area that the audience can get in touch with. From the design of contract rules, special guests reveal the invisible side of contract trading.

At the end of the conference, guests shared a professional topic on how to use hedging tools to profit from the secondary market and shared common ways of institutions to profit from trading with the audience. The popular DeFi tool and the most cutting-edge financial risk aversion means have become the hot topic of the conference. The frequent interaction between users and guests made DeFi extremely hot.

The GCA group has made its global debut, adding another general to the DeFi team

The GCA group’s official global presence was the highlight of the conference. This part was introduced by Josh Holt, CEO of GCA group, focusing on the founding intention and business composition model of GCA group and the exploration and innovation in the field of financial application. The debut of 7 business sectors and 5 ecologies attracted much attention due to the influence of DeFi summit.

Dean of GCA, Daniel Ang, gave a speech named “2020 global block chain technology and market outlook of the speech”. He detailed the characteristics of blockchain technology and future financial market opportunities, and said that DeFi would become a mainstream financial model.GCA group has begun the systematic layout of DeFi domain recently.

Nicholas khoo Hien of GCA group closed the conference with a speech about his journey from traditional finance to becoming the GCA group’s evangelist. Joining the GCA group, Nicholas khoo Hien valued GCA’s expertise in digital asset management and potential market demand. The official launch of the GCA group has added another competitor to the DeFi camp.

The seeds of DeFi were sown, the conference drew thoughts on the combination of blockchain and finance

The two-day conference fully demonstrated DeFi’s potential and wealth effects to users.

DeFi sowed the seeds of blockchain finance inside and outside the industry, and a number of digital asset holders have invested in DeFi. The emergence of DIFI also heralds the next financial revolution.

Are you ready for such a revolution?

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