Personal Trainer VO2 Maximum Offers Free Consultation for One-on-One Training

Personal Trainer VO2 Maximum Offers Free Consultation for One-on-One Training

Kent, UK – VO2 Maximum Ltd, a gym located in Kent, are now offering free consultations for their fully customised one-on-one personal training sessions. The company is available as a personal trainer in Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. Their unique approach involves a detailed assessment to gauge a client’s fitness and health levels. Those who want to try this method can sign up for their free consultation on the VO2 Maximum website at

VO2 Maximum began in 2008. Its founders, Paula and Jimmy, started the gym with the idea that their clients will receive a personalised experience they can enjoy. That’s why their private personal trainers in Sevenoaks and Tonbridge provide a positive atmosphere in the gym. They focus on the new goals each person can achieve when they exercise properly and receive encouragement to continue their training.

As noted on their website,, the personal training sessions are not only about exercise. Trainers teach trainees how to rest between workouts and develop healthy eating habits. The company aims to achieve the perfect blend of exercise, sleep, and nutrition. Each lesson is geared towards helping clients change in the long-term. It’s not enough to get healthy quick—VO2 wants their clients to stay healthy throughout their whole lives, even if they discontinue the training sessions.

Prospective clients can determine whether this gym is the right fit for them with a free consultation. This allows people to make an informed decision after meeting the personal trainers and viewing the equipment. Following the consultation, trainers will discuss an exercise plan that fits into their client’s schedule. The company is dedicated to getting to know each person rather than provide a standard exercise plan and routine.

This gym strives to keep the needs of each client at the forefront of its mission. VO2 Maximum’s owners and personal trainers relay positive health advice that clients can carry with them in the long-term. The company will continue to offer free consultations and invite more people into their health-positive atmosphere. Interested parties can visit their website or contact VO2 Maximum today to book a free consultation and meet with a trainer.

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