Brian Wood of Mars Coaching Uses Lessons from Athletics to Help Clients Excel As Individuals and Groups

Brian Wood grew up an athlete and elevated his basketball game in college and as a member of travel teams that took him around the globe and led to certification as a player agent with the NBA, WNBA and FIBA. Today, he leverages the lessons learned on the court, in the classroom, in business, as a certified professional success coach, an international speaker and a best-selling author for his clients.
Brian Wood of Mars Coaching Uses Lessons from Athletics to Help Clients Excel As Individuals and Groups

UNITED STATES – Wood is the founder and principal of Mars Coaching, where one of his coaching programs is, in fact, geared specifically to former athletes and coaches. He helps them harness the skills that allowed them to excel in sports and on teams and use them to accelerate their post-athletic lives. Likewise, he works with military veterans, firefighters, police and EMS providers to help them process service-related events and adapt and thrive in everyday life. 

“The strength of a team is truly in each individual member, yet people can sometimes lose sight of their personal growth when facing difficult situations and major transitions,” said Wood. “Interestingly, the same lessons that drive success for many individuals and groups competing athletically, are often transferrable for executives and corporate teams.  This reality led to the expansion of training programs designed to accommodate this audience.”   

Mars Coaching offers a comprehensive selection of training and coaching packages, including:

  • Transition Coaching
  • Executive Coaching 
  • Customized in-person or online training programs  
  • Leadership Training 
  • Social styles Training
  • Communication Training 
  • Culture Training 
  • Leadership assessments and action plans 
  • Gamification 
  • Organizational Development

Mars Coaching offers clients access to customizable and scalable resources that includes professional coaches and facilitators and online learning tools to accommodate the varying needs of companies, municipalities, professional sports teams and organizations of any size. Clients also receive leadership index assessments, debriefs and customized reports for insights to support individual growth and organizational development opportunities. A leadership profile is provided, that gives clients a blueprint for understanding their own perception of leadership compared to the consensus of how others view them.  The process highlights reactive tendencies as well as creative strengths and provides valuable direction for achieving the next level of personal and professional growth.     

“I tell each and every client and the groups I speak with on the road, that we are designed for greatness and made to be exceptional both personally and professionally,” added Wood. “I am honored every single day to support them on their journeys.”    

Wood holds his MBA from the University of Phoenix and is a Certified Professional Coach, accredited master practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index Program and certified as a Leadership Circle Profile Specialist. He is also an executive coach with the American Express Leadership Academy.  

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