Adam and the Metal Hawks Turn Up The Volume On Love With Debut Single

Adam and the Metal Hawks Turn Up The Volume On Love With Debut Single
“Turn Around” Available Now

Adam and the Metal Hawks is what happens when massive rock riffs share the spotlight with passionate melodies. With new songs coming from them regularly, there is no shortage of greatness from their end. Especially when it comes to their debut single, “Turn Around.”

“Turn Around” is a love song encased in a hard rock shell. Relatable to many, it tells the tale of a couple who despite hitting the roughest of patches made it through to the other side having grown as individuals and as a solidified unit. On top of telling lyrics and otherworldly rock ways, “Turn Around” showcases lead singer Adam Ezegelian’s pristine vocal abilities. The former American Idol contestant takes the band’s sound to new heights and beyond.

Released in September 2019, “Turn Around” set the basis for what Adam and the Metal Hawks were all about. Since then they’ve dropped a stellar Billie Eilish cover of “Bad Guy,” two more originals, and played half a dozen shows throughout the New York area – and they’re only getting started. Fans can expect more new music in 2020 as well as an LP and more touring; both national and international.

Those interested in adding new hard rock to their playlists, featuring “Turn Around” or any of their other music on their site, or interviewing Adam and the Metal Hawks can reach out via the information provided below.

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Adam and the Metal Hawks deliver hard rock with a side of romance with their debut single, “Turn Around.”



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