2019 Discovery•Linxia Bafang Shisanxiang Urban Orienteering Ends Successfully

The 2019 Discovery · Linxia Bafang Shisanxiang Urban Orienteering, which attracted about 800 people, ended on December 21. The unique sporting event was held at the national AAAA-level scenic spot Bafang Shisanxiang of Linxia City, Gansu Province.

Unlike traditional sporting events, it allowed citizens from 7 to 55 years old to participate. Its system, where four players finish the tasks as a group, made it more interesting. The diversified game levels were customized with Linxia’s cultural connotations, such as its special tile carvings, woodcuts and colored drawings, which perfectly integrated the sporting event with cultural tourism. Mr. Ma from Linxia said that it was his first time attending the urban orienteering event and thought that the event form was quite novel, allowing him to participate with his child. Moreover, it gave him a new understanding of the cultural and historical heritage of Bafang Shisanxiang and enriched both his and his child’s cultural knowledge, so that now they know more about their hometown.

The 2019 Discovery · Linxia Bafang Shisanxiang Urban Orienteering, as an orienteering designed for Linxia, combined a sporting event with national fitness. Compared to sporting events that require a training base like marathons or cross-country races, the urban orienteering emphasized the concept of “sports + culture + tourism” more. By absorbing multiple advantages, it aimed to enhance the new idea for national fitness and innovate Linxia’s new orientation toward winter tourism. It enabled more people to get to know Linxia from different angles in the process of crossing streets and lanes, comprehend the urban spirit of the city, explore and discover its unique charm, so as to fully demonstrate its profound cultural deposits and its young, healthy and vigorous urban image.

The event was also supported by the Linxia Municipal Party Committee and Government and people from all walks of life. As one of a series of activities of the 2nd Winter and Spring Rural Cultural Tourism Festival of Linxia City, the event was guided by the Publicity Department of Linxia Municipal Party Committee; sponsored by the Linxia Bureau of Culture, Sports, Broadcasting, TV and Tourism; undertaken by Qingdao Xintongbu Culture and Sports Industry Co., Ltd.; co-organized by the Linxia Bafang Sub-street Office, the Service Center of Linxia Bafang Shisanxiang Scenic Spot, and the Linxia Convergence Media Center; and supported by Linxia Junlin Halal Meat Product Co., Ltd., Linxia Ganjiantou Cultural Tourism Hotel Management Co., Ltd., and Ganan Haiye Architectural Engineering Co., Ltd.

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