Innovative mobile app, “The Rulr” brings US Government’s financial analysis within reach

An amazing app is set to change the way the citizens of the United States look at governance by giving them a closer view of how monies are budgeted and subsequently expended. The Rulr is designed for users of the iOS operating system and basically brings the analysis of government finances within the reach of an average American that would not have ordinarily had access to such information. The app is particularly great as it simplifies the financial and economic jargon that often makes it difficult for people to understand how the public treasury is being utilized.

Governance is supposed to be a public affair, involving not only those in the government offices but also the average citizen on the street. The case is not particularly different in the United States or any other democratically run society. However, studies have revealed that the majority of the people have little or knowledge about how they are governed, particularly when it comes to spending public wealth. This is where this amazing app is looking to change the narrative by leveraging the power of technology to seemingly enhance governance and monitoring of government spending.

The app will also serve as a powerful tool for the citizens, paying attention to government finances as debt inexplicably piles up and corruption remains a major problem in the United States. The app is designed for a primary purpose – easy monitoring of U.S Government finances. The app basically tracks revenues, expenses, deficit, cash, debt, contractors, and agency expenditure. The mobile app is particularly amazing, breaking down the spending to the last cent and making a lot easier for citizens and other users to hold public office holders to account.

The public spending tracker as it is also called cannot come at a much better time, considering the political tension in the industry and the government’s continued defense of their spending.

The Rulr is currently available on the App Store for users of iOS devices.

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