Allison Tree Service Introduces New Stump Removal Technique

Allison Tree Service Introduces New Stump Removal Technique
Allison Tree Service has introduced a new service in Huntsville to help homeowners remove stumps from their lawns. The company has noted that leaving stumps in the lawn can pose a threat to children, lawn care equipment, and even to the home, and it is pivotal that stumps are taken care of in an efficient and price-friendly way.

Hunstville, AL – Allison Tree Service and Stump Removal offers this service in order to help homeowners who may be worrying about how old stumps can affect a nice lawn. Allison Tree Service offers this service in and around Hunstville, AL.

Allison Tree Service is one of the only companies providing the service to remove stumps by grinding them into mulch in the Hunstville area. The company offers free quotes to all of its prospective clients and boasts extensively trained and knowledgeable employees that can surely get the job done correctly. While many people may not know the threats posed by those stumps, even just for aesthetic reasons, there is always a good reason to get them removed. Children can get injured by running into a stump, lawn equipment can get destroyed by running over a stump, and stumps even attract beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-boring pests. The attracted pests may seem harmless in the lawn, but they can quickly spread to the home.

Allison Tree Service has introduced tree services in Huntsville, AL. By introducing this service, the company acknowledges that many may not be aware that the stumps are more than just hideous, but even potentially dangerous. The company uses specialized machinery to grind the stumps into wood chips, which are then raked into a pile and later settle into the ground level. The stumps can be ground up to fifteen inches deep depending on which machine the company uses, and the company insists that it takes every possible precaution to avoid cables and irrigation lines and that the company can grind any size stump, so long as its machine has access to it, and can even grind within just a few inches to a house or fence. The company says that its machines will not hurt driveways or sidewalks and that the majority of the machines are lighter than vehicles.

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Allison Tree Service and Huntsville Stump Removal is a tree service company that has been serving the Huntsville area for years. Allison Tree Service is dedicated to providing the highest quality tree services including tree removal, trimming, stump removal, debris clean up, and even emergency storm damage removal. Allison Tree Service and Stump Removal boasts affordable, yet high-quality work and provides its services to both residential and commercial clients. Allison’s tree experts are all licensed and insured and use up to date equipment in order to complete all projects safely, rendering little to no damage to the clients’ landscape.

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