Godfrey KHill Announces Launch of New Book; Sees Contract with Publishers Terminated

Godfrey KHill Announces Launch of New Book; Sees Contract with Publishers Terminated
Godfrey continues his tradition of being the only true Gullah Geechee that speaks in the fading language called, “Facts Sources and Evidences to Prove”, about Jesus Christ and their secret heritage with the release of his new book

Dec 24, 2019 – Author of Gullah Geechie, the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption, Rev 22 has announced the release of his latest book; Wake Up and Open up Your Eyes and See With 2020 Vision’, and the Gullah Geechie sees with God’s Perfect Vision.

According to the author’s website, Godfreykhill.com or GullahGeecheetours.com the book will available for purchase on Christmas day, December 25th, the birthday of his Grandmother Geneva Jenkins Jefferson, she is the Grandmother of the Gullah Geechie people, according to the Gullah Geechie prophecy of, The Golden Pineapple People.

It is said that Megan and Prince Harry read the unedited version of the new book, while the queen did hear about the strange mysterious birth of this book that was going to be born on Christmas day. When the queen Elizabeth was informed of secret conversations about the bloodline of Jesus Christ being unveiled in the Holy City of Charleston South Carolina.

Queen Elizabeth is said to have had communications with the printing press company to terminate the contract. The International African American Museum has not responded to calls about this new information on the Black, African American culture. The question now is coming out December 25 on Christmas day or maybe not it’s not coming out at all.

According to author Godfrey, “Maybe they are just a Brit obsessed because King Author is Black from the dead and he has awakened from his sleep with God’s Perfect Vision, which is Twenty Twenty Gullah Geechie Vision. We see with the Eye of God, Gullah Jac whispers. Look into my eyes and see what I see.” But seeing is not meant for everyone.

Xulon Press is the largest Christian book publisher in all of North America and they have decided to terminate their relationship with Godfrey KHiLL of Charleston SC.

The Gullah Geechie tour is voted number one Gullah tour in Charleston, the most accurate historian in Charleston, and the most passionate tour guide in the Holy City.

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