Christmas and Happy New Year Promotion Now Available in Matexcel

As the Christmas is approaching, Matexcel has revealed its sales of the year, another big promotion following the Thanksgiving Day promotion. Lasting more than half a month, from Dec. 16, 2019 to Jan. 3, 2020 this promotion enables customers to enjoy 10% discount on all the products and services purchased during the sale.

As a leading service provider in material science, Matexcel has the commitment to supplying better polymers, nanoparticles, and other materials for worldwide customers. With a wide range of materials products including graphene, metal powders, ceramics and natural materials, and services like materials analysis services, consumer & industrial product testing, surface modification services, graphene modification, nano-bio services, polymer manufacturing services, metallurgy service, AFM probe functionalization, etc., Matexcel has helped numerous scientists and researchers in the past year.

To express thanks to its customers for their continuous support, Matexcel launched this big promotion. To get this sale valid, customers need to paste the promotion code in the given area when making inquiry.

“As one year ends, another begins. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey. May joy, hope and happiness be yours this whole holiday season! And we look forward to working with you in the New Year,” commented a representative staff from Matexcel.

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About Matexcel

Matexcel is a leading service provider in materials science, with years of commitment to supply better polymers, nanoparticles and other materials for worldwide customers from both academia and industry.

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