Gabriel Patterson, Toronto Nutrition and Fitness Expert Launches a Monthly Online Workout Regimen

Certified fitness trainer and health coach Gabriel Patterson expands offerings with a monthly online workout regimen.

TORONTO, Canada – Toronto fitness trainer Gabriel Patterson has had a busy year this year, expanding his offerings to clients both local and beyond the shores of Canada. He recently launched an initiative to offer nutrition and fitness coaching to international clients and is now adding a monthly online workout regimen.

Online workout programs are gaining in popularity in this day and age where people prize convenience above everything else. A proliferation of workout programs online has helped people stay fit and healthy, without having to leave their house or travel in traffic. This increases the chances that people will stick to an exercise regimen, which is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Many times after people can’t find something that works for them, they give up on exercise altogether, which negatively affects our industry [and] their health. I want to make the world a healthier place, and I seek to provide people with as many tools as possible so they can reach their goals,” Mr. Patterson says.

Mr. Patterson has recently ramped up his efforts to helping his clients lead a healthier and better life; he offers a variety of solutions, including exclusive wellness retreats, partnerships with local chefs, month-long boot camps and cleanse programs, a mobile app, a blog, and a cookbook.

He has also launched an off-season training program for athletes to stay in peak condition and will soon launch a partnership program with local schools to design physical education programs for school students.

Mr. Patterson’s enthusiasm and zeal in creating innovative offerings have made him a firm favourite with those who know him. He has so far enjoyed great success in helping people get fit and healthy. His common-sense advice and dedicated approach have helped make fitness much more accessible and do-able for many grateful clients. He is driven by his passion for a healthy lifestyle and his desire to help others.

About Gabriel Patterson

Gabriel Patterson is a Winnipeg native and certified fitness trainer and health coach. As a lifelong athlete, he has a deep interest in physiology, nutrition and spiritual wellness. He has completed advanced training as a competitive swimmer and also regularly does yoga. He also has a wealth of experience with sports-related injuries, having in the past worked with clients to recover and regain strength and balance after an injury. As a personal trainer, he aims to help clients succeed in their objectives of living healthier lives. He helps them build a solid foundation for fitness and also offers coaching and complete nutritional training as some of his services. He is always available to give advice and tips on the best ways to achieve health goals. That’s how he gained a strong reputation as a mentor and a pillar of support to his clients. When he is not working with his clients, he can be found enjoying Toronto with his friends and family.

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