Diamond Network N + Agent chain MCOS rebuilds distributed cloud storage

Technology changes life, and technology can even change the way we value our assets. Many innovative and convenient lifestyle products have been born. Everything is possible.

Diamond Network N+ Agent Chain recently launched a MCOS that can enjoy a variety of high-definition audio and video content and a private cloud server, which will definitely make you feel very rare and pleasantly surprised. 

• Original private cloud + mining machine, multi-mining by one machine, multiple utilization, increasing the value of digital content assets.

• Establishing distributed digital content sharing and trading platforms around the world.

• Opening hardware to major blockchain companies and consolidating the basic hardware construction of the blockchain industry.

• Compatible with major blockchain companies’ main chains, sharing nodes, and one-click deployment to achieve true decentralization.

• Multiple patents. Expandable hard disk space, expandable hardware modules, large functional extensibility

• Multi-chain parallel. Providing various content-related blockchain business and concurrent chain operation systems and platforms that have been protected by multiple patents

• Private cloud storage and sharing transactions. Data storage and synchronization, data sharing, entertainment content download, original content sharing, home theater center, travel, food and more

• Multiple digging on one machine. (IPFS, MCOS, STORJ, etc.) = universal mining machine

Through a comparative analysis of MCOS miners and similar competitive products on the market, we can see that no matter in terms of hardware equipment, shared services, cloud storage, or use revenue, MCOS miners have very strong advantages!

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