The Key to Understanding Donald J. Trump

The Key to Understanding Donald J. Trump
By Kobby Barda

Genre: Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Presidents  & Heads Of State

Subject: Presidency of Donald Trump

ISBN: 978-965-92788-2-4

ASIN: B082HSZ4DH (Digital)

Page Count: 281

Publish Date: December 10, 2019

Soft Cover Book: 7.99, EBook/Kindle: 3.99 


”To understand the logic of chaos.”

The book “The Key to Understanding Donald J. Trump” tries to get beyond the smokescreen, and to understand the behavior of Donald Trump, which sometimes seems to elusive – having neither pattern nor order.

This book is not a scientific study, but rather an attempt to look at the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and understand his actions, his policy decisions, his motivations, etc. This is done by understanding his background, recurring themes in his behavior, and his opinions as a private citizen, as well as statements during the campaign trail.

This book is written in short chapters and includes videos (QR codes), diagrams, tables, images and references that aim to complement and illustrate what is written in each chapter.

Reading this book will enable you to understand the thought process of Trump in such a way that, once understood, you, too, will be able to explain why he acts the way he does, his rationale, and even potentially understand how he will act in the future. The next time Trump is dismissed as insane, you can say “Hey, wait a minute, I think I can explain why he acted the way he did.”

Whether you are a fan or a foe of the president, a political amateur or just an average person who tries to understand whether there is logic to Trump’s chaos – the book gives you a window into the brain of the world’s most important man and an opportunity to read his thoughts in a way that will allow you to feel that you too can explain the rationale behind his actions, be it at the dinner table, in a conversation with friends or simply when reading the daily news.

* The book originally published in Hebrew.


Kobby Barda was born and raised in Holon, Israel and is an expert on US-Israel relations and a contributor for Israeli channel 20.

Mr. Barda is the head of the “Gal Program” for Political Leadership at The Academic Center for Law and Science, Hod Hasharon, Israel

Barda holds a M.A. degree from Haifa University where his dissertation focused on AIPAC, and currently is P.HD Candide at Haifa University.

In order to understand the phenomenon of President Trump, Barda uses his experience spanning over 20 years as a media consultant and communications expert where he has served as a political campaign manager and advisor to Israeli government ministers, Israeli Parliament members and Mayors.

Barda was the man who alerted the world to the highly offensive cartoon of President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in The New York Times.

Kobby is married to Michal and the father of Ronny, Jonathan & Gili.

FROM THE MEDIA (Hebrew Source)

• “The first book written on Trump in Hebrew is promising and sustaining.”Israel Today (Israel largest newspaper)

 “The key to understanding Trump” comes into the president’s head and explains the logic of the behavior of the president. The first book on the president written in Hebrew returns to the campaign and analyzes the way the media, marketing and political strategy in which he promoted his ideas in the most planned way.” – M’arriv (Israeli Third largest newspaper)


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