Eric Arnoux: Best interior designer of the world 2020

Eric Arnoux: Best interior designer of the world 2020
Eric Henri Andre Arnoux is a French real estate professional living in London. Trained as a carpenter and study engineering, Eric Arnoux built luxury residences in the village of Megeve, France. He developed his real estate business in France, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He has generated an estate of about 3 billion euros throughout his career, making him one of the largest real estate promoters in Europe.

Meet Eric Arnoux: The interior designer set to conquer the world

There is a lot of talk about a superstar who is changing the way we think about interior design. Everyone is talking about this star who has high society buzzing and what was the best kept secret, is now being talked about with a lot of excitement.

With his compagny PureConcept Eric Henri André Arnoux does not follow trends. He creates them. He makes the impossible, possible. He is an interior decorator conqueror and is taking the world by storm.

The French Businessman Eric Arnoux has invented a concept so unique and so daring that you could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps it could only exist in a fantasy. Only it does not — Eric Arnoux has brought it to life and the result is mind-blowing.

Eric Arnoux has conceptualized the idea of the “desert chalet.”

Traditionally chalets are cozy mountain dwellings, but Eric Arnoux in his unique way, has brought his French flair to this concept that speaks of exotic Scheherazade nights with European elegance and glamor. 

He has that artistic eye and skill that is so intriguing and stylish it makes you want to know more about how you too, can enjoy the quality comfort he is fast becoming internationally renowned for. 

His chalets beckon you to take some time out of your busy life and enjoy indulgence and pampering par excellence. Eric Arnoux brings this European panache and aspirational lifestyle ambition and marries this with desert style and the evidence is in the details. Hand-blown Venetian glass chandeliers cast warmth over rooms, rich, bold colors break with the traditions of the usual desert browns and earth tones, and centerpieces like his see-through piano become conversation pieces.

Eric Arnoux includes plush fabrics, modern finishings, glittering crystal chandeliers and oversized furniture.

Eric Arnoux also has other properties in the South of France. Whether you are looking for a mountain sojourn or sunny seaside properties, there is something for everyone.

But it is the chalets that are the true stars. Arnoux’s range of available chalets tucked into the picturesque mountains, provide an opportunity for you to enjoy the experience of a lifetime with all the desirable home comforts. Your every need is taken care of — from in-house chefs to the use of a car and driver. Ladies even have the use of a hairdresser to ensure maximum pampering possibilities. A trip to the Brickell chalet in the Megeve is all the proof you need that Eric Arnoux understands luxury on a whole new level. 

Where did it all start?

From his humble beginnings as a carpenter and student of engineering, Eric Arnoux has learned the ins and outs of how to create the perfect living experience, both structurally and aesthetically. Eric Arnoux studied in Grenoble, France. Following this, he took a foray into construction and even sold real-estate before discovering that his true passion is interior design. And the results speak for themselves.
Eric Arnoux’s muse is his girlfriend, who brings a fresh, youthful inspiration to his aesthetic. 

It is not just business that Eric Arnoux is passionate about. He has a growing concern about the plight of those who are disadvantaged and suffering. He feels a particular affinity to those who are refugees.

“I am very grateful that over the years I have managed to build a successful business making people’s homes beautiful, but I am growing more and more aware that there are many who have nothing and that I am in a position to be able to help them. I see the increasing number of homeless people in Europe, especially refugees from various countries and I want to make sure that in some way possible, I can contribute to helping to make their lives better,” said Eric Arnoux.

Eric Arnoux believes that an investment in his abilities or a stay in his chalets can support his philanthropic intentions to help those who cannot help themselves. This has inspired the Emirati royal family and following a successful project with them, Eric Arnoux has donated to the cause most close to his heart.

From the desert dunes of the UAE, Eric Arnoux will travel to Morocco and then to conquer the US where the jet-set eagerly await him.

About PureConcept:

Pureconcept, a timeless designer and builder.

Founded by Eric Arnoux, over the last fifiteen years, Pureconcept has grown into one of the leading design firms in French Alps, South of France United States of America and Middle East area. Pioneer in the luxury real estate in the prestigeous ski resorts in France like Megeve and Courchevel in the 2000’s. Initially Pureconcept with more than 65 luxury chalets realisations. Pureconcept expands itself later in the more prestigeous cities as Paris, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Gstaad, Los Angeles, Miami or Dubai.

Over the years, Pureconcept has successfully completed countless number of projects turnkey solutions projects in collaboration with architects, high skilled technicians to ensure a technical excellency.

The conception and the design totally ensured by the Pureconcept team with a strong collaboration with the client has been the success key for each project. Pureconcept is the leading interlocutor of design, consultancy and turnkey fit-out solutions for villas, apartments, hotels and office building projects. The design and the realisation of several yatchs completed the real know-how of the company. 

Pureconcept embraces a totally particular seamless approach in providing design and solutions to the customers’ requirements. The company has a capacity to plan, execute and manage large turnkey projects. Our world-class design and engineering, with the best tailored team all from the yatching industry defines our expertise in handling complex and comprehensive prestigious projects.

“Pureconcept is for everyone who wants to thrive in a world of taste and elegance. Pureconcept is an art of living with a masterful attention to detail.”

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