Rose Grower Asif Ali Gohar Is Scaling Production For New Rose Variety And Is Seeking Distribution Partners

A professional rose grower from Pakistan who has more than ten years-experience crossbreeding roses has introduced a new rose variety named Gohar. Since the news of the new rose it has gained worldwide exposure.

One of the new Rose variety named Gohar has gained worldwide exposure since news broke that it was developed by a professional gardener of ten years. Since Asif Ali Gohar announced he has developed the new rose variety big developments have now taken place.

“The new rose is a cross between Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora. The idea behind the rose was to develop something that stood out among other roses, a rose that would stand proud and have its own identity,” explained Asif Ali Gohar.

Gohar really stands out. It has big leaves, long stemmed, with a flowering period until later autumn. The new rose which has been featured in media outlets around the world including the USA is very resistant.

Asif Ali Gohar the owner of a garden shop in Lahore has now announced that the success of his new rose variety has been overwhelming that he is now taking it to the next stage. He now plans to mass produce Gohar and is now seeking Distribution partners.

The farther of 2 has not only brought excitement to fans of roses, but he is now looking to crossbreed tulips. The aim is to create a new Fosteriana Tulip variety.

When asked to explain more Asif Ali Gohar replied: “Tulips are harder to cross-breed, and several years are expected to pass by before I can show something off.”

Asif Ali Gohar has become the talking point in the gardening world with many gardening experts asking what he will come out with next. He has managed to increase the excitement for professional and amateur gardeners with his new rose and the talk of the new tulips.

About Asif Ali Gohar

The father of 2 who was born in 1980 and stems from a gardener family has been running the family gardener shop in Lahore, Pakistan for more than ten years.

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