Arab Capital Group and Xinshan Set Up Health Care Innovation Laboratory

Arab Capital Group (ACG) and Xinshan will set up a new virtual innovation laboratory, aiming to transform the future medical products and treatment services with the help of the power of new data technology.

“ACG is at the forefront of the new era of biology and human health, which enables us to cooperate with advanced technology and data analysis companies, thus changing the great opportunities for health care,” said Arafat Matsch, executive director of the Arab Capital Group. “From cloud computing to the most advanced artificial intelligence, ACG will combine the biological innovation and scientific data of the Arab Capital Group with Xinshan’s leading industry capabilities.  ACG is eager to help people to better manage their health and accelerate the exploration of new therapeutic schemes.”

This cooperation aims to change the way Arab Capital Group develops treatment programs and focuses on three main goals: To better understand patients and their diseases, improve the operating efficiency of the Arab Capital Group, and improve the patient and customer experience that the Arab Capital Group is concerned about.

After the signing of this cooperation agreement, Arab Capital Group will give full play to 5G network, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other information technology means to promote product research and development, application, promotion and optimization of smart hospital services, realize the circulation of high-quality medical resources, and better provide high-quality, convenient and efficient medical and health services for the masses in terms of improving patient medical service experience, optimizing service processes, accelerating the construction of medical associations, upgrading hospital core platforms, etc.

“Life Sciences companies are looking for data-driven digital innovations to help create accessible healthcare solutions.”

Innovation Laboratory Develops Scientific and Commercial Solutions

Arab Capital Group and Xinshan will use in-depth analysis across data sets to better understand key diseases and obtain relevant patient opinions. This will help Arab Capital Group to research and develop more personalized treatment methods and to introduce supporting technologies to improve treatment results. In the future, more and more companies will use the large real world database data of Arab Capital Group to better understand the needs of patients through technical analysis, so as to enhance the ability of personalized treatment programs, care for patients and reduce medical costs.

Arab Capital Group and Xinshan also plan to apply artificial intelligence in various data sets to better predict sales and provide information for marketing and supply chain work. Using artificial intelligence will help people to consider real-time information and geographical, logistics and manufacturing constraints in decision-making to help improve the accuracy of these complex activities.

According to the report from official website of the Arab Capital Group, Arab Capital Group recently held talks with a well-known AI company and exchanged views on further cooperations.

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