Lu Wenjun appeared on the NASDAQ screen in order to spread traditional Chinese medicine culture to the world

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. As the inheritor of the traditional Chinese medicine, and the devoted practitioner of the traditional Chinese medicine culture, founder of Lu’s Five Elements Zhengyang Acupuncture Therapy, Lu Wenjun appeared on the NASDAQ large screen, “The world’s first screen”, to spread traditional Chinese medicine culture to the world, and assist the overseas development of traditional Chinese medicine. Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of new China with global Chinese! And wish the motherland thriving and prosperous.

It is known that, American Times Square is honored as “the crossroad of the world”, millions of business elites gather here every year, which is the indisputably commercial core place and famous wealth landmark. Therein, NASDAQ semicircle-cylinder type huge screen is one of the most remarkable symbol buildings, with the title as “The world’s first screen”. The NASDAQ large screen in the Times Square as the world’s first screen has very strict selection rules for the pictures, and such representative figures will go through rounds of filter and strict check, then will be submitted to the USA side to review, at last, only a dozen of representatives from different fields board the NASDAQ large screen, rolling to be shown all day.

Lu Wenjun, the former name being Lu Junxu, with the surname “Wenjun”, born in 1966, Han nationality, ancestral home being in Shandong, the descendant of Bian Que, successor of the “Lu’s Family”. His ancestor Lu Zhong was imperial doctor of Qing Dynasty. In the traditional medical system of China, the “Lu’s Family” as the descendant of Bian Que, have been diagnosing diseases by feeling the pulse for the common people, contributing greatly to the traditional Chinese medicine development in China. Chief health expert of Hainan Shengxuanyuan Industrial Company Limited, Chairman of Chinese Difficult Disease Lu’s Pharmacy R&D Co., Ltd, Expert Member of Difficult Disease Treatment Expert Group of China National Health Association, Vice President of the World Acupuncture Embedding Thread Association, Founder of Fuzheng Medicine, Founder of Lu’s Five Elements Zhengyang Acupuncture Therapy, and Director of Beijing Fuyang Zhengyang Medical Technology Research Institute.

About “Lu’s traditional Chinese medicine”, the successor Lu Wenjun says, the original family name of Lu was Jiang, seen from the source, the family name of Lu has two branches, one originated from Jiang Ziya, who was enfeoffed with “Lu” place by King Wu of Zhou Dynasty, the family name “Lu” was thus produced. The other branch was originated from Bian Que, named as Qin Yueren, and called as “Lu doctor”. Thereafter, the Bian Que branch was divided into two sub-branches, one was the acupuncture school, Fuyang school, and the other was the fire god school, with traditional Chinese medicine as the main content. “Lu’s traditional Chinese medicine” was just the descendant of the Fuyang school, and the ancestor Lu Zhong was imperial doctor of Qing Dynasty. Although many precious Chinese medicine skills were lost during the inheritance process, there was still one book Jade Dragon Needs left in his hand, describing acupuncture therapy and twelve “secret recipes” attached with it. For many years, he has been studying hard and learning the contents in the book by himself, by reference to the “notes” of famous doctors of China and foreign countries in past dynasties and rare medical books inherited, and he has created the “Lu’s Five Elements Zhengyang Acupuncture Therapy”. 

Lu Wenjun introduces that, people will not be able to live without Yang Qi, the support point of one’s life is Yang Qi, and the Yang Qi of one person comes from a kind of new living matter produced by the body after accepting the light and brightness of the nature. The traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes yin-yang and five elements, therefore, more specifically speaking, the jade dragon shall be called as Fuyang, the term of which means, support the Yang Qi and set it right, use the relation between the five elements and viscera and channels as well as collaterals, get through the four collaterals and five channels, seven channels and eight veins through many therapies such as Fuyang and Zhengyang, and supplement one’s Yang Qi. In a word, the Zhengyang Acupuncture Therapy is to complement the Yang Qi of human body, so as to realize the effect of balance and treatment. This therapy has fewer acupuncture points, with great accuracy, quick and obvious result. At present, the acupuncture therapy of Lu Wenjun is not only for pains, but there is also good effect for gallstones and heart attack.

Lu Wenjun is known to have made breakthroughs in the aspect of Chinese medicine innovation, including breakthroughs in diabetes, stomach disease, cardiovascular disease and even high blood pressure. Moreover, he continually innovates and researches many own prescriptions. Many old prescriptions in the past have been not able to be used owing to the change of social environment nowadays and soil pollution, etc., and lots of herbs even lost. While most of his prescriptions have been involved in the “diet therapy”, only a small part taken out separately to form “patent medicine”.

Lu Wenjun is a very generous person, dare to do things and take responsibility, benevolent and helpful. On May 24, 2018, Lu Wenjun went to China Social Welfare Foundation Technology and Health Welfare Fund Management Committee to visit and investigate. The Executive Director and Secretary General of this Committee Cai Junyi, and Vice Secretary General Zheng Yiting warmly welcomed him. Both sides unfolded discussion on the deep cooperation of traditional Chinese medicine and “Heartwarming project-health poverty alleviation public welfare activity”. Lu Wenjun’s sight has turned from curing disease and saving the patient to the public welfare career. Facing the future, he wants to find one who “has the intelligent root” among his grandchildren, to transmit his whole medical skills to such grandson, like his grandfather transmitting the medical skills to himself. He hopes, one day he may donate the “Lu’s traditional Chinese medicine” to the country for free.

Traditional Chinese medicine is an important carrier of the Chinese civilization, meanwhile, it plays a special role in the peoples’ health undertaking. Promoting and developing the excellent traditional culture of Chinese nation, like the traditional Chinese medicine culture inherited by Lu Wenjun, is especially vital for the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. Because outstanding Chinese people need a healthy body and mind to strive for the Chinese dream.

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