NeodenUSA in Ringwood, NJ Has Released Four New Machines in 2019

NeodenUSA in Ringwood, NJ Has Released Four New Machines in 2019
NeodenUSA, an NJ-based company has launched four new machines throughout the year 2019. With the launch of their models Neoden7, Neoden S1, Neoden IN6, and Neoden FP2636, NeodenUSA has the products for those seeking SMT equipment to make their job easier.

Ringwood, NJ – If one is looking for a trustworthy company that is offering high-quality SMT equipment, NeodenUSA is the company for the job. NeodenUSA offers a complete SMT turnkey line of equipment that is designed to transform a bare printed circuit board into a functioning product. In the year 2019, NeodenUSA has released four new machines into their product line.

The first product within the four launched during 2019 is the Neoden7 Placement Machine. The Neoden7 is designed for efficiency, ease of use, and increased compatibility. This new product has a placement speed that reaches up to 14,000 CPH, along with six simultaneous pick-up heads. The Neoden7 also offers an integrated flying vision system, Panasonic servo-driven position feedback from 2-micron linear scales with precision placement head, and has a Windows-based software and graphic user interface that allows programming in minutes. This piece of SMT equipment features support for a wide range of components including 0402, LED, BGA, 0.4mm pitch QFP, SMT Connectors and more.

The Neoden IN6 Reflow Oven is the second product within the group of newly launched 2019 products from NeodenUSA. This reflow oven product features full hot air convection, along with a built-in solder smoke filtering system. This model also features a variable speed conveyor, 16 programmable profiles, no venting required, and a color touch screen. The Neoden IN6 includes a graphic display mode for time-based temperature viewing, a dynamic warmup control to ensure stable temperatures and virtually no overshoot, a uniformly-heated aluminum alloy chamber, 6 zones (3 top, 3 bottom), stainless-steel springwire conveyor belt, with conveyor speeds from 15 to 60cm/min and more.

The third newly launched product is the Neoden S1 Pick and Place Machine. The Neoden S1 starts yet another revolution in affordable pick and place technology, as it is capable of placing components as small as 0201 with amazing accuracy at 4000 components per hour. The S1 features an improved 8mm height limit and feeders that can accommodate taller parts than previous versions. This model also is able to cradle PCBs in a self-adjusting automatic rail system and can hold up to fifty-eight 8mm tape feeders. The operation of this new model is achieved through an intuitive touch screen interface that controls the Linux-based software.

The fourth and final product of the 2019 product line from NeoDenUSA is the FP2636 Stencil Printer. The operation of this printer is simple, in that a framed stencil is first clamped into the printer. Next, the PCB is placed on the included locator fixtures. The operator then uses the Vernier controls, moving the PCB fixture until the solder pads perfectly align with the holes. Finally, the solder is moved over the stencil with the squeegee blade. The FP2636 is designed to make the job of the operator as easy as possible, as it features Max PCB Size: 280 x 380mm, Min PCB Size: 10 x 5mm, Screen Stencil Size: 260 x 360mm and more.

NeodenUSA is located at 1165 Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Ringwood, NJ 07456. Contact their team via phone at 973-728-7060 or send online inquiries via email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding their 2019 product line, visit their website. 

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