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Reagan is a certified elevator inspector. Most people are surprised that there is such a thing. A certified elevator inspector is hired by companies to make sure that their buildings elevators, escalators, and automated walkways meet local safety and compliance codes for passengers and freight.

It’s not a glamorous job and it’s not even particularly interesting but there has always been a steady demand for such services especially in the business centers of highly commercialized areas. Reagan has been doing inspections of several years and he already has his regular clients who require inspection services every so often.

But the business landscape where Reagan operates started changing. There was rapid gentrification of old neighborhoods which was good because more modern constructions and renovations bring more opportunity for private inspectors like Reagan. But at the same time, business turn-overs became more frequent and building administration and management started to change hands too often. His old contacts started to dwindle in numbers. Complicating matters, new blood has started entering the market. Other inspection services always follow where construction is booming and Reagan is finding himself with a lot of new competition.

Reagan knew that he couldn’t just wait for new clients to knock at his office doors. He knows he needs to actively promote his services somehow. This became a challenge. Elevator inspection service is certainly not a trade that can easily get a lot of following in social media. To help him figure out the best course of action, he employed the services of Support Service Pro.

Support Service Pro is an online digital marketing solutions specialists and their in-house marketing professionals have years of collective experience in the industry. Upon studying his case, Support Service Pro recommends that Reagan takes any of their Email Marketing packages. Support Service Pro further explains why email is the way to go in Reagan’s situation.

Out of the 4.1 billion internet users around the world, about 2.77 billion use social media so it is easy to think that promoting through social media is advisable. But active email users account for 3.9 billion which means almost everybody on the internet uses email. What’s more important is that more than 80% of business professionals prefer to use email for business communications. Email is also the third most influential source of information for business-to-business (B2B) audiences, behind only colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders. It should also be noted that only 7% of small businesses use email as a brand-building tool.

What this means for Reagan is that the furthest he can reach into his specific market is via email. Not only that, promoting through email offers him the best chance of reaching a decision-maker of a company, somebody who knows the importance of quality inspections and has the authority to choose his particular services. Additionally, promoting his business through email will compete for a qualified user’s attention compared to social media or other communication means.

Aside from providing the data that helped determine the appropriate communication avenue that Reagan should take, Support Service Pro also laid-out options for a full email marketing plan. From providing a Lead Collection Strategy to multiple ISP account setup with ISP integration to enhance email operations, Support Service Pro offers several email marketing packages to choose from.

Through Support Service Pro’s email marketing package, Reagan was able to accomplish what he set out to do. He got his name as the first choice for elevator and escalator inspections for old and new businesses in his area. He was able to retain as clients the older companies in spite of changing ownership or management, and he also got new clients that kept him very busy throughout the year. All thanks again to Support Service Pro.

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