China Ocean Heavy Industry, the listed company, has established the Blockchain Foundation aiming at global blockchain industry

Recently, China Ocean Heavy Industry, a listed Hong Kong company, announced the establishment of COI Blockchain Foundation in the Virgin Islands, and is going to complete the research of the blockchain industry with the help of Blockchain Foundation.

COI Blockchain Foundation mainly focuses on the research of cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain technology. It seeks and screens blockchain projects with potential. In addition, it supports the technology implementation of high-quality blockchain projects, applying them to specific scenarios.

Currently, COI Blockchain Foundation has reached a sizable scale, integrating analysis, strategy, technology and traffic. Meanwhile, it has been involved in blockchain projects such as basic technology, digital assets, live streaming, cultural entertainment and social e-commerce. Through the project investment and cooperation, it starts lay out the global blockchain projects, connects the nodes of the blockchain industry ecology, integrates industry resources, builds an industrial ecosystem, and promotes the sound and stable development of the blockchain industry.

Compared to the general global cryptocurrency investment foundation, COI Blockchain Foundation is based on real assets and actively cooperate with government supervision, which will help to form a standardized and benign digital currency market with immeasurable value and long-term development space. COI Blockchain Foundation will strive for permission with global sandbox licenses throughout in the future, to explore a compliance way to global development.

China Ocean Heavy Industry, the parent company of COI Blockchain Foundation, is listed on the main board in Hong Kong (hkex 00651) in 1998. Central Huijin Investment Company Limited is the largest institution investor of it, mainly engaging in special ships manufacturing, mining machinery, large steel bridge, automotive electronics and photomultiplier tubes, robot intelligence design and semiconductor equipment, intelligent parking equipment research and development production, investment, operation and financing lease service business. Its annual turnover is nearly 10 billion RMB, creating more than 10,000 social jobs.

As a traditional industrial enterprise, China Ocean Heavy Industry entered the blockchain field, aiming to explore a new business development way. The emergence of blockchain has brought disruptive changes to all walks of life. The impact of blockchain is similar to that brought by the emergence of the Internet two decades ago.

There is no doubt that all this new technology is changing the way we live. China Ocean Heavy Industry lays out the global blockchain projects in virtue of COI Blockchain Foundation. By combining the blockchain technology, it empower its own industry, thereby achieving the transformation and upgrading. Meanwhile, it can meet the needs of social development better with a new attitude.

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