Blockchain Router is a gateway to user privacy and decentralized internet of the future

Major features:

  • VPN. Save yourself $120 on the VPN subscription: 1st year of the high-speed RESIDENTIAL (no data centers!) VPN is free to all backers!
  • Automatic built-in VPN inside the router. Now you can easily connect all devices in your household to the Blockchain Router, which is connected to one single VPN account.
  • Proxy. Router will provide you with the option to connect to one of the VPN exit nodes via proxy of your choice: HTTP(s), Socks-5, and SSH. Residential. Free for the first year.
  • Internet 3.0. Router will connect your devices to the Web 3.0 (decentralized internet of the future) using IPFS, access ENS sites (.eth domain zone), and SWARM! 
  • Advanced Firewall.  Router will protect you, your family, and your home devices with the advanced firewall features.
  • BLOCKHAIN EMAIL. Router will provide you with the most secure email in the world – it will be hosted right on your own Blockchain Router. Just connect a Thumb Drive or a Hard Drive and store your information right there.

The majority of the world knows that anyone who is online faces the risk of privacy issues and personal information being collected for unlawful purposes. This doesn’t mean that one should stop accessing the internet for keeping their private data safe, because the revolutionary Blockchain Router might just be the solution to it. It’s a plug-n-play solution, for anyone to remain anonymous online and keep their sensitive information safe from big corps, intelligence agencies, hackers, and any third-party apps/companies etc. This device is here to bring an internet revolution and introduce the world to the decentralized internet of the future.

The Blockchain Router supports all .eth websites hosted with IFPS and SWARM, which means anyone connected to it, from anywhere in the world can access Ethereum based websites on distributed networks. The regular internet doesn’t provide access to .eth websites but Blockchain Router will allow the users to access the decentralized web from any device without any additional software. It is to be noted that decentralized domain zones and decentralized hosting makes information unstoppable and unblocked by the authorities.

The users will be able to manage their Blockchain Router remotely, using a iPhone and Android apps. While using the app, they can change settings, restructure the secured connection, disconnect kids from the internet and more. Users can keep Blockchain Router permanently connected to the VPN provider or any number of other routers. They can control all devices connected to the Router to have complete control over the child’s internet usage. The parents can set dates and times when internet access is allowed, set maximum connection speed and block unwanted websites. Every Blockchain Router user will also get a free encrypted blockchain email on their decentralized website qmail.eth (currently under development).

Blockchain Router makes it possible for anyone to browse websites inaccessible to regular internet users. Device owners can simply VPN to the router from phone and access all .eth websites from anywhere in the world, on the go. The decentralized web offers security and privacy like nothing before. This router is the best option for anyone who wants to maintain their privacy online and access websites anonymously.

Blockchain Router is now available on Kickstarter for pre-order at a special early bird price of $199. The crowdfunding campaign also offers other rewards to the backers like their own decentralized website, accessories, and apparel. More information about Blockchain Router can be found on its Kickstarter campaign page.

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