Heritage K Begins Its First Korean Traditional Art Tour In the U.S.

Heritage K, a traditional cultural platform for Korean arts, will begin its first art tour in the United States from December 26th to January 17th, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Korean Provisional Government. The exhibitions will be held at historic sites where the Korean independence movement was active in the U.S. including the Korean National Association Hall, the residence of Chang-ho Ahn, the Independence activists and one of the early leaders of the Korean-American immigrant community in the U.S., and the place where Heungsadan started.

The exhibitions showcase the works of Korean traditional artists from various fields, including Kyu-sik Kim, the porcelain master, Sung-woo Jang, the Hanji (Korean traditional paper) master and government-designated intangible cultural property, and Kyu-jo Ahn, the traditional carpenter who restored the Namhan Fortress. 

In the works, fragments of Goryeo celadon are attached to the canvas on the background and pottery made using Korean paper that restored the document used by the King of the Joseon Dynasty. The canvas is shaped like a traditional pattern used in Korean palaces and houses. In addition, Korean traditional doors, which are 300 to 600 years old, and acidic cornice fragments, which are 500 to 700 years old, are placed in the works to maximize Korean historical values and artistic expression.

Among the objects used in the work, the celadon is used from the traditional Goryeo celadon. Moreover, it restored one of the treasures of Korea, Celadon Inlaid Unhakmunmaemae, which is currently kept at the Metropolitan Museum. Although not under the control of Korea, it used this method to instill awareness of Korean treasures and culture to the world.

This U.S. tour is planned and organized by a traditional cultural platform called ‘Heritage K’. Ho-Yeol Shin, a blockchain expert and the founder of Heritage K’, commented that he was surprised that people cannot find information about traditional artists despite the increasing needs towards and preservative values of traditional arts. Unlike pop artists who utilize online platforms to promote their works, traditional artists often feel hard to keep up with technological advances.

As Shin is on his way to the United States with fellow Korean traditional artists for exhibition tours and photoshoots, he believes this tour will provide a starting point for traditional artists to promote their works globally. The platform will also provide complimentary professional photoshoots of the artists and art pieces and supports global online and offline marketing, including global exhibitions, homepage development, promotional video development, and online commerce registration.

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