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Researches have shown oncolytic virus is a powerful new therapeutic agent in cancer therapy. And as a leading custom service provider, Creative Biolabs has released one-stop oncolytic virotherapy development service to help global scientists with their researches.

New York, USA – Recently, researchers at the University of Helsinki have discovered a novel cancer vaccine platform called ExtraCRAd. This platform consists of an oncolytic adenovirus wrapped in an artificial envelope made of cancer-cell membrane, which might serve as the next generation of personalized cancer vaccines.

This research leads to the focus on oncolytic virus (OV), a powerful new therapeutic agent in tumor treatment, which is able to reduce tumor burden through selective virus replication in rapidly proliferating cells, showing a promising future in cancer treatment.

With the self-developed OncoVirapy™ platform, Creative Biolabs offers reliable and customized services of oncolytic virus development for scientists worldwide, including OV construction, in vitro validation study, in vivo preclinical study, etc.

In addition to the aforementioned oncolytic adenovirus, Creative Biolabs is also specialized in the construction of other viruses including measles virus, vaccinia virus, herpes simplex virus and adeno-associated virus.

“The oncolytic virus construction is the most fundamental yet important step in researches of OV. Every virus has its own pros and cons.” Said a senior scientist in Creative Biolabs, “For example, vaccinia virus covers wide host-cell range with large genomic capacity and established vaccine potential, but it still has potential difficulties with systemic delivery.”

Given that each virus has its unique properties, the choice of virus species as well as the suitable design is crucial for tumor targeting, and with extensive experience, scientists of Creative Biolabs are able to help clients design, engineer and generate the most efficacious oncolytic viral vector and viral particle.

Besides, to test the virus functional activity, Creative Biolabs offers a variety of prove-of-concept in vitro validation study for engineered oncolytic virus. In vitro POC assays include but are not limited to plaque purification assay, identity assay, replication assay, tumor lytic assay, transgene expression assay, and transgene functional assay.

Since different kinds of OVs have different tumor sensitivity and toxicity, preclinical in vivo assessment is also essential for OV development. Murine and human cancer models can both be used to validate the toxicity and efficacy in mouse models or even non-human primate models. With regard to selection of animal models, Creative Biolabs adjusts the plan according to the study purpose as well as the viral tropism, cytopathic potential, replication ability, anti-tumor effect, etc. Creative Biolabs has developed specific in vivo preclinical assays for different oncolytic virus development.

With the development of modern genetic engineering techniques, increasing numbers of researchers are discovering strategies to optimize the oncolytic virotherapy, and Creative Biolabs is a trustworthy partner excelling in a full cover of OV development services including OV engineering and construction, in vitro and in vivo validation, OV development for specific disease and for combination therapy with immunotherapy.

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Established in 2004, Creative Biolabs is highly specialized in providing a wide range of oncolytic virus therapy development services and products including pre-made OV and oncolytic adenovirus construction kit. With a well-equipped scientist team with extensive experience, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to collaborating with researchers from home and abroad to save time and cost of their researches.

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