Author’s new book “The Future Philanthropist Guide to Profiting from Bitcoin” receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Non-Fiction – Retirement book “The Future Philanthropist Guide to Profiting from Bitcoin” by A. A. Wyand, currently available at

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Reviewed By Judith Rook for Readers’ Favorite

The Future Philanthropist Guide to Profiting from Bitcoin by A.A. Wyand can be seen as a straightforward appeal to cupidity, balanced by the prospect of later becoming a philanthropist and giving away the excess of what has been earned. The book is written for people who are “debt-free and already investing,” which might be expected to limit the readership, were it not for the good humor and a certain pleasant cheerfulness which turns this book into a very enjoyable reading experience. It is not a primer for bitcoin trading; it expects that readers understand what bitcoin is and what it represents in our technological society. The author demonstrates light-hearted scorn for people with the cash-hidden-in-the-mattress approach to financial security, suggesting that taking financial risks is potentially not quite as painful as it seems, so long as it is understood and handled correctly.

A.A. Wyand refrains from involving too much personal anecdote. His own activity as a philanthropist is more assumed than stated, although on more than one occasion he does present philanthropy as something worthy of honest and deep admiration. He provides a clear plan of action to help people begin the bitcoin acquisition cycle and also adds helpful appendices about becoming debt-free, understanding financial planners and living within one’s means. The Future Philanthropist Guide to Profiting from Bitcoin is a short, light-hearted but accurate book about making money. Despite his suggestion that it will be best understood and applied by those with technical understanding and capability, A.A. Wyand has presented a book that is very well-written, highly interesting, and will feed any person’s dream of retiring early from a world of financial uncertainty.”

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