The new book Level 2 addresses this man’s fight against cancer and power of alternative medicine

Level 2 is the upcoming new book by Jörg Lingg, CEO of Lingg Innovations LTD. and a certified computer expert for ‘Industry Computer Science’. This book encompasses the story about his fight with cancer and the cancer business led by pharmaceutical companies around the globe. “My book should also be a fight against the pharmaceutical industry. For that, I need your help, it’s time to face the cancer problem in the world!”, says Jörg Lingg who has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his book on, with a goal to raise €1,707.

Lingg’s Book “Level 2” is divided into three parts, where the first part covers the story of his own battle with cancer. It describes how Lingg was diagnosed with cancer at the age of four and 30 years later, he was diagnosed again with it but this time, his attitude towards the disease was totally changed. “When I received the diagnosis that I had cancer again, it was clear to me that absolutely everything will change now. So I change to a new stage of life, right to a new level thus “LEVEL 2“, he adds. The second part of the book highlights the “cancer business” that includes topics like suppressed healing methods, the role of pharmaceutical industries, myths and facts about cancer and more. The third part of the book will talk about alternative therapies for cancer such as anti-cancer diets, psychic aspects, detoxification, self-healing methods of the body, and more.

In his book, Lingg also talks about the alternative medicines he is currently practicing and its effects on him. Through this book, he aims to create awareness about the various aspects of cancer, highlighting both mainstream and understated facts about it. He also hopes to strengthen alternative medicine practices that have indeed helped many people overcome cancer and another goal is to present fair scientific studies on cancer, done by independent institutes, and laboratories. Lingg also describes the “Anti-cancer machine” he is currently working on.

Having faced the repercussions of cancer himself, Lingg shares deep insights about this chronic disease, which may be helpful to anyone who has suffered, or is suffering from cancer. He shares the impact of cancer, on his body and life to send a clear message to anyone curious about the disease. His book will be composed of about 300 pages and currently available in English and German language. To make the reading experience better, it will include about 30 colored modern pictures, created by talented artist Wassay Khan.

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