Mervous Tames OCD by Debby Houston, a Must-read for Mental Health Therapists, Parents, Teachers and Children

Mervous Tames OCD by Debby Houston, a Must-read for Mental Health Therapists, Parents, Teachers and Children

Lincoln, NE – December 27, 2019 – Debby Houston goes into uncharted territory by penning the book Mervous Tames OCD. In this book she brings awareness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in children. MervousTames OCD tells about the struggles Mervous experiences as he fights Bruno, his OCD bully. Mervousbecomes obsessed with rituals of order. His rigid coping mechanisms  interfere with his life and his relationship with his family. He is also beset by perfectionistic doubts. Houston outlines how OCD affects children and explores possible ways to overcome this disorder throughthe story of Mervous.

Mervous Tames OCD is a must-read for mental health therapists, parents, teachers and children. Mervous Tames OCDwas derived from personal experience forDebby Houston. “One of my family members began to show symptoms of OCD. This, along with seeing these symptoms in clients, led to an interest in working with this disorder. Every day is a struggle for people with OCD. Fettered by unrelenting questions and doubts, OCD destroys lives by being invisible yet practically invincible. The interventions used in this book have been effective while working with both children and adults with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,” Debby Houston says.

It is noteworthy that resources for working with children with OCD are very limited. Debby Houston contributes to new options previously unavailable for this population. She adds, “2% of the population suffers from OCD. Children with this diagnosis are often overlooked as it is not usually diagnosed until late teens or young adulthood. Mervous Tames OCD provides early intervention for children with this disorder and assists professionals in their work.”

Debby Houston was deeply influenced by the book Brain Lock by Dr. Jefferey Schwartz. She hopes her authorship of Mervous Tames OCD will help shed light on OCD in children and offer meaningful insights for intervention.

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About the author

Debby Houston is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner. She received a B.A. from the University of Kentucky in 1973 and a Master of Science degree from the University of Nebraska in 1990. The author has worked at Bryan Medical Center West for 30 years, and in private practice for 25 years. She has extensive experience working with clients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Debby lives with her husband of 46 years in Nebraska.


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