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Joe White (not his real name), a New York City native, loves to travel and write. He’s an anthropology student and a freelance travel blogger with a keen interest in indigenous cultures and native fashion. He has applied his talents to good use by being a writer for hire and he has frequently landed short-term writing contracts for education-oriented publications.

He would say he has found his niche with the subject-matter of his writing. His work also meant trotting the globe where he can be with the people that inspires him to write.

To get clients in the early part of his career, he had to comb through classifieds and placement services, apply to several ads, go through client-required vetting processes that mostly involved presenting the best of his previous writing works and going through the obligatory interviews. It took time but he knew it was a numbers game, and by trying hard enough he would land his clients.

However, Joe has relocated to Australia to do a long-term study of the Aborigines. He has lost touch with the original client base he has built, and he knows that starting over from scratch using his old method will be too impractical. But Joe was able to prepare.

He was able to put out a website that not only features his profile but more importantly, his sample works. Two things have been happening since he launched his website. First, it has been faster and easier for him to land the clients he applies for. This is because referencing his very professional looking site in his application often wins his prospective client’s trust and confidence. Second, clients are now recruiting him directly through his website. Joe is now getting more projects from overseas clients while making a name for himself as a professional blogger down under.

Back in the United States, in a sleepy town in middle America, a family-owned pawnshop is experiencing brisk business. Owned by a retiree, Wilson Mckenzie (not his real name), the shop has been handed down by his father. Now it’s being managed in part by Wilson’s granddaughter, Cybil. Before, things weren’t as busy. People occasionally walk through the shop doors, either looking to pawn a belonging or searching for a good deal among items for sale. Still, people weren’t exactly lining up for the shop’s services.

But it was her daughter’s idea to put up a website to display the shop’s wares. This gives people the ability to window shop, purchase the items, and have the items delivered to their doorsteps, all without alighting the actual place of business. Cybil keeps the online inventory updated, provides detailed description and history behind each item for sale, handles promotions, and manages the phone and online orders The pair has also enjoyed quite a following as expert appraisers of obscure trinkets and hard-to-find Americana. Since the website was established, the shop has been bustling with activity, with Wilson still manning the front desk while Cybil handling online transactions.

But the good developments didn’t stop there. An upshot of the pawnshop’s successful online endeavor is how a few other businesses in the close-knit community followed suit in taking their businesses online. And who’s the person that provided the technical means and know-how for the townsfolk? Wilson’s granddaughter Cybil of course. Cybil also provided hosting services for four other businesses in her town.

These are two different business models from two people from very different backgrounds.  Interestingly, they share two things in common.  Both of their businesses benefited from having an online presence. The other is the fact that they chose as the platform for their websites. What is is a blog-hosting service. In simple terms, blog hosting is a web hosting service that caters to websites that are descriptively more text-based. What’s the deal with written content? All content types have their merits. Images offer quick and easily comprehensible information due to our visual nature. Videos are probably the most popular and most shared content in social media although their production cost is high. And due to their syntax seeking algorithms and classification nature, search engines like Google and Yahoo love written content. Text and links rich websites are always ranked higher than static picturesque ones. As a result, they also enjoy 50% more visitors on average. provides the most competent platform for web bloggers all over the world. It offers unparalleled reliability with multiple back-ups and system redundancies. Supporting infrastructure used is above industry specifications ensuring a stable and consistent service with above 99.97% uptime. Resources available for clients of are also best in class, ensuring fast load times and plenty of space to accommodate thousands of webpages, unlimited databases, and unlimited email addresses. A client would just need to figure out the number of resources that he would need to operate his websites.

From coastal cities to middle America, businesses have applauded the quality of service offered by can be truly considered as a world-class web hosting site.

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