Emma Quinones, New York Hip-Hop and Rap Artist, Attracts New Fans With Hit Singles

Emma Quinones, better known as EmmaQDilemma, is a rising talent in New York’s hip-hop and rap music scenes. With a number of original singles, this singer and songwriter is attracting fans far and wide with her musical talent and hit pieces made available on major streaming platforms.

27 December, 2019 – New York City, NY – Artist Emma Quinones, better known as EmmaQDilemma, is a talented singer and songwriter from Monroe, New York. One of the areas hottest artists and musical talents, EmmaQDilemma’s music, tinged with themes of hip-hop and rap, is known for its beats, lyrics, and strong artistic style.

Quinones’ popular songs, including singles like Fake Friends, Cold War, Red Wine, and Unbreakable BOND, have attracted attention from artists and fans in the hip-hop and urban rap scene. Quinones has also collaborated with other area artists, such as Slim Spitta, to produce diverse lyrical tracks.

Just 16 years old, Emma Quinones is a tenth-grade high school student from Monroe, New York. A passionate singer, songwriter, and dancer, Quinones’ music has resonated with fans online and across the country. Quinones began her career as a young child in New York and was largely self-taught, singing and writing songs on her own. After training her voice, she began training professionally through lessons with other area talents, allowing her to perfect her abilities and artistic style. She continues to make music in collaboration with other artists, while pursuing other personal hobbies, including basketball, in her free time.

To listen to her latest music on SoundCloud, please visit her SoundCloud page here. Music by EmmaQDilemma is also available on all other major music platforms.

To connect with Quinones online, visit her pages on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Contact Person: Emma Quinones
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Phone: 8456627735
Address:47 Joseph Court
City: Monroe
State: NY 10950
Country: United States
Website: www.youtube.com/channel/UCkl_HJac9Kbby9UKSXmEgsQ