BOC Sciences – An Optimizer of Drug Analysis and Purification in Early Drug Development

The chemical vendor BOC Sciences recently announces to further optimize its analysis and purification services for early drug research and development.

Shirley, New York, USA – BOC Sciences announces to further optimize its drug analysis and purification services for researchers devoted to pharmaceutical study earlier this month. Together with its already well-established services like medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis and formulation, this contract research organization (CRO) has successfully built a comprehensive, one-stop early stage drug discovery platform, providing libraries and services for the early stage of drug discovery projects.

Only the use of good quality drugs can effectively cure, alleviate or prevent human or veterinary diseases. On the contrary, the use of ineffective, harmful or poor-quality drugs is extremely dangerous. This highlights the importance of analytical and purification procedures in drug development in order to ensure its efficacy and safety. As the number of samples that requires to be purified increases, a cost-effective strategy for maximizing the compound purification capability is needed.

The analysis and purification service at BOC Sciences falls into the following subdivisions: General Test Services, Custom Purification Services, Chiral Analysis and Separation, Method Development, Validation and Transfer, and Analytical Platform. All are very important in drug research and development. There is no way to avoid impurity in drug synthesis, so impurity isolation and identification is a key step in drug analysis. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is often used to isolate liquid impurities, while mass spectrometry or other coupling techniques are often used for the identification of impurities.

Besides impurity isolation and identification, other general test items available are: purity determination, heavy metal analysis, structure characterization, thermal analysis, elemental analysis, counter ion analysis, and X-Ray powder diffraction. Knowing that requirements on drug purification vary from one another, BOC Sciences provides customer-tailored purification service for clients across the globe. To obtain highly purified products, techniques like flash column chromatography, preparative HPLC, chiral HPLC, and recrystallization are used.

Chiral analysis and separation is also very important in the pharmaceutical industry since many studies have found that single-configuration chiral molecule is usually a stereoisomer that has utility value, but its mirror image molecule is useless or even harmful. This made it a necessary step to study the physicochemical properties of chiral substances that are enantiomers to each other.

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Having accumulated valuable experiences in medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis, analysis/purification, and formulation, BOC Sciences has been a great helper in pushing forward the project from early discovery to preclinical research phase. In the past decade and more, it works closely with academia, TTO, biotech and pharmaceutical companies to help find solutions to the most pressing issues they encountered.

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