Microbiosci Has Released Advanced Microbial Fermentation Technologies for the Applications in Diverse Biotechnology Fields

Microbiosci recently announced the release of its advanced microbial fermentation technologies that are primarily applied in the field of bioenergy, especially in biopharmaceuticals, bioagriculture etc.

New York, USA – Microbiosci, an industry leader in biotechnology products and services focuses on developing and commercializing products to satisfy the unmet need in microbial research, recently announced the release of its advanced microbial fermentation technologies that are primarily applied in the field of bioenergy, especially in biopharmaceuticals, bioagriculture etc.

Industrial fermentation technology is becoming increasingly popular and has played an important role in improving people’s living standards in terms of nutrition and health. It also addresses industrial development challenges in guaranteeing the supply of energy, transportation fuels, food, and high- and low-cost chemicals. At Microbiosci, our fermentation and process development services provide you with the most advanced technology, features and experience in the industry. Whether used for small development projects or commercial-scale processes, our unparalleled experience, advanced facilities, commitment to quality, innovative nature, and dedicated project management will help your projects unleash full potential in the field of industrial fermentation.

Production of vitamins through chemical synthesis has become a means of high energy consumption, so researchers are more inclined to reduce energy consumption and save costs through biotechnology. Fermentation technology provides an alternative to chemical processes for the production of multivitamins from microorganisms. Different methods such as mutation and screening, genetic engineering, media optimization and biocatalyst conversion have been used to improve vitamin production. Microbiosci specializes in providing comprehensive and advanced vitamin fermentation technology. By adopting modern genetic engineering technology, vitamin production can be increased, thereby speeding up the process of research. A series of technologies including vitamin B2 and B12 fermentation are supported in Microbiosci, as well as customized vitamin fermentation services.

In addition, with the discovery that amino acids play an important role as intermediates in the basic components of proteins, it has also been found that they are involved in the regulation of key metabolic pathways and processes. Due to economic and environmental advantages and the development of new genetic engineering technologies, fermentation is the most commonly used process on an industrial scale, with the goal of improving amino acid-producing strains, thereby increasing amino acid productivity. Microbiosci specializes in providing comprehensive and advanced amino acid fermentation technology, and has successfully optimized the downstream process, thereby reducing the cost of amino acid fermentation, increasing product yield, productivity.

“Except for the above-mentioned fermentation technology, Microbiosci also is capable to support other technologies, such as Antidiabetic Fermentation, Bio-energy Fermentation and Organic Acid Fermentation etc.,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Microbiosci, she also emphasized that, “For each fermentation technology, we have provided a detailed but incomplete list of technologies for partners to consult. More importantly, our experienced scientists and professional platforms allow us to provide customized technologies to meet diverse needs.”

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Microbiosci, as the division of Creative Biogene, is always dedicated to satisfying the needs of clients covering more than 50 countries and districts. As a leading custom service provider in delivering medicine microbiology solutions, Microbiosci has become a well-recognized industry leader with years of experience and professional scientists.

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