Dr. Gainson Fan set to launch his debut book, Skye Wasn’t The Limit

Dr. Gainson Fan writes his first novel that captures the attention of a vast audience

Dr. Gainson Fan tells a mind-boggling story about what might as well be the reality of a lot of young individuals in our society today. The hurdles that plague most people on their journey toward becoming the best that they can be in the world is well captured in this book. The book titled Skye Wasn’t The Limit is set to be launched on November 13th, 2019. The book cuts across generations, races, and gender.

Skye Wasn’t The limit is a story that a lot of people can relate to. He tells the story of a young boy who refused to stay defeated while he worked his way to the top. He portrays the in-between journey from grass to grace. The book is an experience that can encourage people that are perhaps facing the ordeals that life can toss at a person that is trying to work their way to the zenith of their dreams. Dr. Gainson’s storytelling ingenuity is put to full uses his talent to capture the mind of his readers. Skye Wasn’t The Limit is a difficult book to put down once it’s picked up. This novel carries the experience and similar stories of a lot of people that have made it or are trying to make it. This book is a great read.

Dr. Gainson Fan is an Epidemiologist and has acquired a doctorate in the field of Epidemiology. He currently resides in Central Florida even though he was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is an ardent Christian, he is married and he is blessed with two healthy and charismatic boys. He has worked in various occupations along the way, including service in the United States Army. He is devoted to his family and faith. His most recent work is SKYE WASN’T THE LIMIT.

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